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The member entered tightly, but Igor persistently entered, developing the anus of his partner.
Irina gasped.
“What is sick?” Asked Igor.

“Well, be patient, it will be cool now.”
Finally, a member of Igor plunged completely, and he clasped his hips, was with pleasure to fuck his middle-aged, but such a sweet mistress.
Irina relaxed and blissed out.
She felt as hard as a rock member tightly enters her anus, filling all the emptiness inside, as Igor’s eggs gently hit her buttocks, when Igor once again stretches her hole with a smooth movement.
Excitement mixed with a pleasant sweet pain in the anus overflowed Irina.
The first orgasm in her life was not long in coming.
He came as an uninvited guest, a hurricane, sweeping away everything in its path, shaking poor Irina in ecstasy, leaving behind only pleasant fatigue and a feeling of complete happiness, incomparable with more than one drug in the world.
Already struggling in convulsions of orgasm, Irina felt like Igor finished, his jet of sperm struck like a hose, filling the entire space of the anus, so hard-working stretched a member of Igor.
Igor protractedly moaned in ecstasy and fell down next to Irina.
For some time they lay, embracing, not moving, listening to their feelings, unable to express, overwhelming their feelings, and so fell asleep, happy that they found each other.

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