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But she wanted something else – and the lizard continued to lick her current crotch.
Then he ran a tongue all over Ani’s body to her breasts, and he gently rubbed the head of the penis between the lips, gently pressing on them.
She threw her hands behind her head and spread her legs wide, unable to wait for the penetration to begin to move her hips towards the organ of the lizard.

– Mmmm.
Yeah, yeah! He tightly clasped Anya’s tight ass and began to move quickly towards her, trying to push the hot dick as deep as possible.

At the same time, Yakko gently licked her beautiful breasts.
The girl sobbed softly at the first shock – after all, he was so big! And she grabbed the lizard legs, then hugged her hands, scratching his back from pleasure.
Yakko snarled predatoryly, for some time he lost his head and simply mercilessly pounded Ani, introducing the penis with great speed and power.
At some point she was hurt – the organ of the lizard strongly rested on something inside.
It was a pain in the abdomen.
– Yakko.

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It hurts me
Do not be so hard.
Is he.
Very big.
The lizard slowed down a little, and putting his palm to her stomach with magic gradually removed all the pain.
He began to move more smoothly and not so fast.
This cool touch again brought the girl so that she herself pushed her hips towards the lizard.
– God, I feel good !!! Yes, still, yes !!! Yakko tried not to leave Ani’s tender bosom, moving very quickly, but with very short pushes.
The girl trembled again in her orgasm.
Inside her, everything clenched, warmly and gently throbbed – she moaned softly and.
Again, the explosion – the sunbeams flashed before my eyes, and the warmth and bliss inside spilled over.
The walls of her womb squeezed so tightly the mighty lizard organ that he had no choice but to pour into it.
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