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The guest looked so young that it could well be his contemporaries.
And it could be much older.

Besides, will not offend her such crony appeal to you.
The brown-haired woman ran her hand over his wet breasts and torso, stopped on her nipples, and suddenly, giving in to a sudden desire, clung to them and licked her naughty tongue.
You have such big nipples, – she commented in surprise.
The young man knew this fact and was shy about it.
They were always like that, – he answered at least something, so as not to be silent.
Well still, – the girl has laughed.
And then she pressed herself to him with her whole body and whispered in her ear: Natasha asked me to be your first.
You still have to do it more than once.
I will show everything and be tender, do not worry.
At the heart of Lyosha warmed about the thought that her sister cares about him so much and provided for every little thing to alleviate his problems.
But even a sadist might have been caught, scaring himself, he thought.
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