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Mary decided to take revenge on him and seduce some guy.
However, it is problematic to make it in an empty hostel, but it was worth trying, t.

It wasn’t realistic to lead someone off the street (Cerbern Commandant).
Under the guise of searching for salt, she knocks on every door and bumps into me with protruding panties.
It is clear that the guy’s erection is healthy and for his current goals he is quite suitable.
In general, the scenario is obvious and my passive role in this performance is less and less like me.
However, my girlfriend ambiguously made it clear that the new year is not going to meet with me.
Perhaps she has another boyfriend and I am left alone with my feelings, which, by and large, could not stand even the simplest test for lice.
While Mary was there, behind the partition, I felt such a desire, which by force is incommensurable with what I felt earlier.
If you remember, then yes, I always wanted her, her gait, her voice, manners, clothes (not rich, but with taste), her eyes and smile burned her heart during random meetings at the institute or hostel.
However, I knew that nothing shone for me, and therefore I chose a bird in my hands, a girl from a parallel group, and not Maria, who flutters a crane in the unattainable heights of the fifth year.
And isn’t the best indicator that I like her submission and willingness to do anything she wants? ”In these thoughts, I spent an hour in the kitchen (she was alone on the whole floor), during which the stuffed chicken was covered with a ruddy crust in the oven and spread the smell all over the dorm, causing grumbling in my empty stomach.

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Silence was direct evidence that the hostel was empty, otherwise it would have been rattling pans on all four floors, turning on the music at full volume and making noises in the pipes with water.
Outside the window, in the imperceptibly fallen darkness, garlands burned in the windows of the house opposite, in the light of a street lamp a snowstorm curled.
Swept the path and a quarter of the entrance door to our building.
Looking at the door, I almost dropped the plug.
There was a padlock on the door.
I ran downstairs, tugged on the door of the commandant’s closet, it was locked.
Having melted the frost on the glass with my fingers, I read the announcement on the door: “The hostel is closed from December 31 to January 3.
And then I remembered that they had told me about it, but I, busy with my experiences, missed it by the ears.
Returning back, I wondered if Maria knows about this. Having pulled the chicken out of the oven, I checked the degree of its readiness, and being satisfied with it, grabbed a hot frying pan with

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a towel and went into the room.
Maria was still in the bathroom.
Now that I knew that we were alone in the whole corpus, and so it would be three more days, I was seized with a joyful feeling of irreversibility.
We are locked up, which means one way or another we will spend three days together.
And maybe by getting to know each other better, I can prove to her that I can not only fuck, but also love.
However, I immediately pulled myself.
Why did I suddenly decided that we would have sex? Before the new year it was two and a half hours.
Having nothing to do, I began to walk around the room and look at the titles of books and souvenirs on the shelves.
There was a photo album on the table, and I thought that there would be no crime if I looked at it.
This was Maria’s album.
School photos, from the pioneer camp, graduation party, on the porch of our institute, party in a hostel. Malodiojni sex smotri online.

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