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base, and spoke on the phone then the second question appeared, where Angela while I was helping a former classmate to cook shish kebab, Anfisa went to look for Angela for some time, I did not drink anymore because I realized that I must completely sober, I might have to go home because Anfisa said that if Anton somehow landed, or hurt Angela, then she can easily collect all the things, and stupidly go on foot home and Anton was very drunk, so I had to risk for a while, I lost sight of Anton him down to the lake and while I was going down to the beach, I heard some noise from the left of myself in the forest, I went that way, saw some headquarters, some kind of small wooden building there was a well with spring water) when I came closer, I saw my classmate Vlad fucks Angela in the mouth after which I found Anfisa, told her everything, we laughed at this sight together) while watching them and then we went for a walk in the evening at Lake Angella that evening we saw a couple of times I started to realize that we had not just sex, but the fact that we will have an attitude i) and I was right about that later in the evening, Anton was completely inadequate, Angela was hanging out with her new lover, at night we slept with Anfiska again, in the morning we went home, since we started meeting Anfisa until the end of August then she went to Peter learning we decided to leave, since then, t.
Sunny fresh summer day.
The Moscow Region home is immersed in the cool and lush of lush greenery.

Several people in the meadow tried to set up a video camera.
Now we will shoot our first film – you only need to complete the final preparations.

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is not a royal business 🙂 we stand behind the house and consider a flower bed.
Although, it would be more correct to say: you are standing with your hands in your pockets, and, with an almost inexplicable grin, you answer my questions, and every now and then I bend down to smell the flowers.
There are many, different colors, their aroma intoxicates.
and, frankly, so many strangers to me.
What is it called? – I poke my finger to the side and smile discouragingly.
These are phlox.
You hug my waist.
I like your touch, trembling from their body.
and i shudder.
Your hands go down below, you run your hand over my bum, then again return one hand to my waist.
Your lips are burning.
With the second hand, you unbutton the buttons on my white blouse, opening my beautiful breasts in a black bra to your gaze.
My cheeks instantly turn red.
Kissing hollow between the breasts.
I sigh a little.
Your lips are burning.
I like how boldly you kiss, slightly biting my lips, how my nipples tremble when you touch them, I’m all yours.
You are pressing me against the wall, and without too much ceremony you are lifting your skirt and pushing off the white strip of panties.
You go down your hand lower and I feel how your fingers slide between my legs.
I catch your look.
You’re excited, you like to see me on top of ecstasy.
Undo your white shirt.
button by button.
I kiss you and slowly go down – first I start to caress your chest, I pull a bright scarf with my teeth.
then nipples, navel.
your belt is so relaxed that I’m not losing my hand in your pants.
And I look, you are a quick guy, – I smile.
Yes, and you’re not really hiding from.
“People,” you portray my mom.
Heck! It.
devilish sight! Slowly kiss, lick it, making easy circular movements.
Feel like you move forward a bit.
I move slowly, run the tongue along the entire length, from the bottom up, a little helping myself with my hand, carefully clasping it.
then a little faster.
I try to be more gentle and at the same time tighten his lips.
moving, trying to give you the most unforgettable pleasure.
You can not stand, lift me above the ground, I again feel the smooth logs back. Mom and son sex hd online.

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