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Since the grandmother was large.
I would even say a very large one, from that Russian women breed, that they will put the alcoholic’s husband on time, and if someone has a small child, the tenth-grader’s granddaughter will offend.
In general, the mother flew around the room backwards, forwards, and diagonally.

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Finally she pushed her into a compartment and threw it there, immediately switched to the men and began to arrange them for drinking at the workplace, they said that they were not at work, but the grandmas with Soviet education did not break through the fact! They agreed that the men would drink a little, but very quietly without disturbing anyone, and I will immediately go to my compartment (that is, Grandmother, since I am her apprentice coupe for two.
For those who have never been in such a car, the plan is as follows.
a storeroom where parcels are being transported 10–15 meters in length, a vestibule, then a conductor compartment, then a common area where they eat, work, fill out documents, too, 10 meters, then the chief’s compartment and again the storeroom) I didn’t want to go to the compartment, but that would spoil me and so that the grandmother could not allow me to look at this debauchery with this prostitute, since the party gave her the task of raising a Soviet conductor from me and nothing could be more important than the order of the party! I had to obey, I climbed onto the top shelf and tried to read a book, so what kind of try to focus on the meaning of the text when you see a mother with bare cunt and shorts on your head in front of your eyes.

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After tormenting for twenty-twenty-five minutes, I began to descend from the shelf grandmother right there as they say where are you? I told her that the toilet and went out of the compartment, closed the door and waited a bit looked out on the general area.
Mother was naked on her knees in front of the table, her back on the ass was clearly visible traces of whipping, I thought that I did not hear the screams probably shut her mouth.
I did not hear the beginning of the conversation. When Sanya looked out, did you understand everything? Povtroyay! And here is my mother. I am a stupid brute, fucking sub-election. I am very grateful to you that you paid attention to me with a thick-breasted creature, I will do everything for you, fuck me please, I beg you in the ass.
Then I heard that the grandmother stirred in the compartment and entered, the member was hard as a stone.
All night vrochal on the shelf thinking what they are doing there with my mom. In the morning nothing special happened. Mom ran down to the peasants for a beer.

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They sat down to breakfast grandma something expressed to the mother but already without assault and yes, and the men behaved more modestly. New indian sex live.

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