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Chapter 6 In addition to the older “female contingent” of our family, my cousin Valka helped me not to relax.
She was the daughter of my mom’s older sister, Lily.
Actually, we never were friends with her, for some reason she always treated me badly – I don’t even know why.

No behavior of mine could change this attitude, and I got used to it.
Valka was younger than me by a year and at the time when I was twelve, she was 11 years old, but she already looked like a well-formed girl, not thin and not fat, with slender legs and small sexy breasts.
She, like her mother (my aunt, whom I also didn’t like much), was a burning brown-eyed brunette, with eyebrows accreted on the bridge of her nose.
Girls of this type develop early, and looking at my sister’s clothes, I understood that there must be something to see.

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Often, having closed my eyes, I imagined her completely without clothes and jerked off.
I think, as many children as they like, they spy on the sisters, especially since they often do not attach importance to the fact that they have already become the object of “sex hunting” for the brother-onanist.
During the games, I always insidiously tried to “look” at Valka’s genitals, but so that she did not guess and did not pry her mother.
I was especially attracted to her hefty nipples when they bulged on a tight t-shirt.
Most often, in completing this, I made my way to the room where she slept, zealously masturbated and ended up on the carpet in front of her bed.
It was a pleasure for me, as if I had finished my sister.
Then I repeatedly thought – am I the only such moron, or are there other such little families “mom-son”?

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And he came to the conclusion that in our time, large families are rare, and this, in my opinion, complicates the situation, t.
due to the absence of at least a sister (the parents didn’t take care!) the boy at a certain age always begins to evaluate the delights of his mother by the corner of his eye.
And no matter how many people were indignant and did not deny it – it happens.
Moreover, during the divorce of our son, the mother is always left for upbringing in a one-room apartment or a communal room, and there this son of 12 years old remains alone with his mother between the ages of 31 and 35, who have not had a sexual life and which is often instinctive ( not on purpose) in her age she tries to dress for work “as a potential bride”, without thinking about the impression she makes on her son every day.

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