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She had such a hilarious look when she began to lick my dick that I could barely restrain myself.
Well, purely a cat got to sour cream, and not the one that was put in a saucer, but the one that remained in the krinke.
In her view, she realized the importance of the assigned case and of some internal understanding of the need for these actions.

– At least for this you can praise the Internet.
Not everyone is able, but everyone knows what to do! – I thought.
Gradually, she was drawn into the “work” and now the burgundy head began to sink into her mouth.
At first a little bit, but each time everything goes deeper.
She turned out to be a smart girl and she herself guessed where to put the tongue, which hinders so inept and young.
A few minutes later I was already sliding on it, falling into a hot mouth almost to the middle.
As soon as the “matter” went, I reached out and my fingers began to play with her vulva.
And then, pulling her, offered to sit on top of her.
Now we caressed each other in a classic pose: sixty-nine.
And I tell you I started to like, it was so unusual and exciting.
This far from new “game” for me suddenly found a new meaning with subtext.
I always did this part well, but now I had one task.
Make everything unforgettable for my suddenly found half.
And I did as never before! He tried his best, remembering what he had learned over the years.
All techniques, methods and effects.
Soon it gave results.
Lena wriggled just lying on top of me, like a snake.
She then tried to squeeze the hips, then kick out her ass.
Her tummy was in constant tension and played like a press from a bodybuilder on the catwalk.
She could not do anything just squeezed my dick in the cam.
The groans were replaced by a long howl in ecstasy.

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Quiet, but constant on one note.
And I strengthened and strengthened my influence.
Licking, nibbling, blowing on her vulva and protruding head of the clitoris.
At times, even pushing the tip of the tongue into the vagina and pushing it into the elastic chaff.
(It is understandable.
She was a young girl.
) It could not last long.
Here it shaken again.
There was a cry and its “disease” twisted so that it huddled almost in a “fit.”
I felt with my skin how her muscles periodically tighten, how her vulva and vagina compressed in a violent orgasm, tensed, squeezing me with the inhuman strength of my thigh and arm.
Exposing the ass and bending the back arc, she pressed her breasts against my pelvis and crawled over it, unable to bear it.
And then, while she was “flying” in the clouds, I got out from under her, and, without delay, with one push I entered a place so desirable for me.
She froze, no matter how understanding what had happened, but I already caressed her bosom and squeezed her breasts.
– Aaaa.
– belated cry of pain.
– Already everything is my girl.
– I calm her with a “stifled” voice, with notes hoarse from experiencing.
– Hurt, oh.
She moans, trying to crawl forward.
But after all, I not only caress her, but also hold her in place, giving me the opportunity to get used to the “alien” presence in the “holy of holies.”
And then he began to move.
Slowly by the millimeter.
Slowly, increasing pace and speed.
I myself was shaking with excitement and some kind of joyful pity for Lena.
– Joy through strength.
– the words were spinning in my head, although I put a completely different meaning in them.
She still managed, no, do not crawl away from me, and lie on the stomach.
Not very comfortable posture

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after defloration, but now it was not worth it to let go.
It was necessary to achieve a re-orgasm, or at least its similarity.
There was no blood as such.
Well, on the trunk of the penis and the inner side of the thighs, the borax spots were smeared, and that was all.
And I methodically and strongly continued to enter it, until the groans did not acquire a contented shade.
She was still tense, but tried to relax, taking the inevitable pain.
Then I turned her on his back, and we again merged into a coitus.
I looked at Lena in the face and saw a lip bitten to blood, wide-open eyes, at the bottom of which there was pain, mixed with sparks of satisfaction, which began to wade.
And soon, time did not matter, because no one held a candle over us, she began to plow slightly and fell into her first real orgasm. Online audio sex.

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