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I began to kiss his hand, which he leaned on the sofa.
He took his fingers in his mouth and sucked them.
Again without taking out a member, he put me on my knees.

Pulling on his hips, he pressed against me, rotated with his pelvis, from which a member inside touched a very pleasant place.
This went on for a very long time.
Finally, I felt his movements become sharper, and his hands began to squeeze me stronger.
“Do you want to cum in my mouth?” I asked.
“Yes of course!”.
I expected this answer.
Jumping off a stake that had been fucking me for what seemed like an eternity, I lay down on my back, pulled the condom off of him, and beckoned the owner of this peg to take a seat on his chest.
Member immediately found himself in the mouth.
A little licked his tongue, I, without

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torturing, began to bring to orgasm.
I sucked that wet dick, getting indescribable pleasure.
Already, feeling the approach of an orgasm, I began to listen to the actions of my partner.
Cum poured into my mouth.
Smearing it on the member, I moved my tongue.
From the awkward movement of a member jumped out of his mouth, and sperm flowed to his lips.
I quickly took the penis with my hand, and in order not to stop, I continued the caress with my hand.
The guy finished.
Sperm, which I did not have time to lick, glass on the cheek.

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He gathered her a member and gave lick.
Having swallowed everything that was in the mouth, I began to suck out the remnants of a small hole on the head, surrounded by a red rim.
“Everything, my dear, that’s enough.”
He called me cute.
Unusually nice! “Is this your first time?”
“Yes,” I replied.
“Not bad” I had to go.
After dressing, I went to the door.
The guy went to see me off.
While I was wearing shoes, he stroked my ass.
I froze.
“Come on, come on! You never leave like this, ”he joked.
Having put on shoes, I sat down, pulled him to me and kissed the member through shorts.
Then he opened the door, I went out.
Already waiting for the elevator, I asked him: “What is your name?”.
“Vlad,” he said with a smile.
This story is absolutely real and happened last summer.
Me and my friend Igor trained in one of the gyms of our city.
It was a hot July day, and we came a little earlier to practice while there were a few people in the hall.
The training turned out to be a success – both of us were exhausted and the sweat on our pumped bodies, which were slightly swollen due to blood rush.
– Stuffy.
– Maybe we go to the beach? “Come on! After half an hour we, having already stocked up with everything we needed – to have a bite and drink a beer – we walked along the hot asphalt in the direction of the sea that promised us coolness.”
Going out on the sand and looking around, we decided to go a little away from the main beach, where rumor had a nudist beach.
I really wanted on this day two sports guys to wash off the city heat.
Wash off completely.
Having reached the surf, we threw off our shirts with shorts, and left in swimming trunks walked on the wet sand, moving away from the bulk of the rest.
Pretty soon, single people and groups of 2-3 people, without any clothes, began to appear.
Most of them did not cause any erotic feelings, but they looked at us with interest. Perfect webcam sex.

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