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I wanted to let him somehow understand that he didn’t cum in my mouth, but I understood that of all the guys, it was useless to ask him about it, so when he pressed my head, it’s so that his lips closed on , and the eggs were pressed to the chin – a viscous liquid hit me in the throat, so to my shame I had to swallow everything.
Pulling a member out of his mouth, he patted my cheek, said what a cool hoesoska I was and walked out of the bathroom.
I caught my breath and recovered from what I had experienced, and I realized that nothing terrible had happened, I was alive and I even liked what was happening.

Having put myself in order, I turned the marafet with devices from the cometich, which Katka had left.
Then the red-hot Diane enters the bathroom, covered in smolts from sperm on her face, hair and chest, and with a smile to her ears.
– “Well, and you did not want to go!” – She said to me.
I knew if everything would end, I would never have gone! Oh, come on! You mean you didn’t like it ?! Why? It was pleasant, only it is search.
Always you are a touchless build.
Did you see, by the way, where did Katka go? Kostya said that they are with Slava in the parental room.
Coming out of the bathroom, I first wrapped myself in a towel and again went to the living room, where the guys rested, sipping alcohol.
Then Slava leaves the room, but without Kati.
Without noticing me, she begins to brag about how Katkina the priest, it turns out, was a virgin.
As a matter of fact, my, I think to myself.
Dianka has already tried this case, and she was really very proud of it.

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When I appeared, everyone turned in my direction, so I felt uncomfortable with five pairs of carnivorous eyes staring at me.
I instantly understood what they were thinking, but no one moved, apparently accumulating strength, I thought.
Having scampered to the kitchen, I got some water from the refrigerator, because my throat was already beginning to dry from the prospects that were waiting for me, so I was in no hurry back to the living room.
After standing for about ten minutes in the kitchen and sipping mineral water, my solitude was broken by Kostya, who came to the kitchen.
Taking a beer out of the fridge, he settled himself in a chair across from me.
“Well, how is your birthday?” He asked.
“I think you are obviously interested in another question.”
– I grinned.
This is also possible.
I will not.
What won’t you do? Giving in the ass.
You wanted to ask this? Why? Guess it.
You will not, so you will not, no question.
What is so simple

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, without persuasion.
And what can I persuade you to do? Later you lie down yourself.
Is that so? Well yes.
The voice of Dianka came out of the shower in the living room.
“Where is everyone?” She asked.
“Why do you need everything?” Answered Vlad.
“Tell me everything,” Dee continued playfully.
– “Better show” – retorted Vlad.
I went to the doorway leading to the living room, and saw Vlad, Anton and Maxim jumped to her friend and tore off her towel.
One of the guys pressed Dianka on the shoulders, and she knelt in front of the three guys to alert them.
Having swallowed one, she nadrachila two others, from time to time moving from one to another.
I didn’t think that my girlfriend was such a thrash, although what to say already is no better.
Kostya distracted me from my thoughts, as he pressed me against the wall, started kissing in different places and running his hand under the towel.
After he unwound the bundle and pulled it off me, dropping to his knees began to lick my girl.
Immediately, I began to flow, after he, having gone out in earnest, also added fingers.
I opened my eyes when I heard Vlad’s voice asking Max to bring some tube of cream from the bathroom.
Then it dawned on me what was about to happen, from which I was a little tense.
Diana did not respond to this, continuing to process Anton and Vlad. Read sex scenes online.

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