Sex and the city 2008 online subtitrat.

Sex and the city 2008 online subtitrat.
sometimes I just get angry at myself and others for the fact that something interferes with being together.
I want to touch you, to feel the warmth of your body.
look into your eyes.

I do not know what is happening to me and how to describe what I feel when I look into your eyes, but it looks like ice – which melts in hot weather 🙂 I suffer at night

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and can’t sleep for a long time.
thinking about you.
I listen to you and hear the beating of our hearts.
I spend my fingertips up from your palm to your shoulder, feeling unearthly bliss.
Making my way up to the neck.
I want to capture a kiss on her, touch her lips.
I lift my head and see before me your guts – my hand gently – for a split second – touches them.
you are my nice girl.
your chest
my eyes so realistically represent you that I can even distinguish a dark knoll between your slender legs.
I almost clearly feel how your hot breath burns my neck when we hug.
“sadness is overwhelming again” so under my sadness I chose this verse.
: Touching with cold fingers to the left palm, Or maybe I would like more, to my cheek and lips: I will catch your eyes again, and the sky will drop Heavy echo on snow ! When your stars rise higher, I will definitely understand how I need them immensely: Suddenly the sky will be brighter over the city at night: With a forgotten movement of the palm, glides along the frets, And if it is possible to save something else with words, Then these words I LOVE YOU !!! ! 08

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03 For almost 3 months I have been writing in this notebook.
How much is changed, I do not understand much, much depresses me.
Now I have a suppressed mood and I do not see the meaning of life.
I do not understand the point.
My fingers are running around the keyboard, tapping different words and even whole phrases coming into my head.
everything is meaningless.
Today stood on the balcony and looked down.
I thought about what would happen to me if I fell from my floor, how I would fly, what pain would pierce my body.
Such thoughts lead me to sad thinking.
Everything created around me is a hoax.
I just live captive of my dreams.
03 My heart hurts.
It is difficult to name the reason.
still think my reason is you.
So leave without explanation without saying goodbye, without saying two words banal and arrogant: In my life – you have no place.
Memories, moments of meeting and partings were remembered Smile, hot touches of conversation, our difference.
But everything went away and only pity Remained in my heart forever
we broke up because you decided so, you didn’t even tell me about it.
After my letters and question: – If you want to end our relationship, just say so.
You wrote a few arrogant words: You yourself understood everything. Sex and the city 2008 online subtitrat.

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