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They sat in a cafe, surely chatted about all sorts of nonsense.
And I imagined how he was staring at my wife’s breasts, which I kissed and straightened my blouse so that they were as open as possible.
An hour later, she wrote to me that he invited her to his home and asked me what she should do.

I do not remember that I was so excited lately just from the words.
I told her that she was a real fuck today and that I was not ashamed of her.
Then I just retell with her words what was.
We chatted about almost anything.
He told me a little about his work, about himself, I also made a couple of phrases.
He constantly gave me compliments and I really liked it.
When he touched my hand, it hit me like a current.
I felt such a pleasant languor below, such a desire.
The conversation somehow turned to the topic of desires very easily.
I told him that I was excited.
And then he invited me to his home.
I immediately wrote to you.
I wanted terribly, but I didn’t know how you would react.
I saw him for the first time.
But after your answer, I could not think about anything except how he would caress me.
He quickly paid off.
His house was three minutes from the cafe.
We went into the apartment.
He helped me to undress, “accidentally” running my hand over my breasts, from which my mind was generally far away.
We drank a glass of wine, there was some pleasant music.
He came up to me and leaned over and kissed my shoulder.
As if having solved my most sensitive place.
I turned to him and with such pleasure I gave him my lips. Sex guide online.

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