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I lay on my back and asked Lena to sit on my face.
The smell and taste of her cunt was great.
Juices of an excited woman flowed on my face.

I was ready to lie like that for hours.
Lena leaned forward and took my dick in her mouth.
She sucked better than Ninochka.
I began to lick the hole priests.
Lena groaned, got down from me, got up with cancer putting out a wonderful ass.
I realized that she can no longer tolerate and entered her pussy.
I practically did not experience resistance, because everything was wet.
– – Lena, and the ass can be? – – Yes, I can, I put my hand in Lena’s pussy, then smeared a hole with these juices.
Then slowly introduced a member.
– – Ooh, come on, ebi – she screamed – ebi, ebi Ass Lena was wonderful.
elastic and round.
And she waved well.
– – Mom, suck my dick – suddenly a boyish voice rang out.
I looked up and saw a boy of about 15.
He stood in front of Lena and jerked a member – – Igor, you see, I am busy – Lena uttered with difficulty – Then suck.
The boy’s cock was good.
strong, not very thick and very long.
A dream, not a member.
As if specially for the “deep pharynx”.
– – Let me suck his dick.
I just love these members.
Do you mind? Do you mind? – – Mom, let uncle suck, can I? – – Well, if uncle does not mind.
The boy stood over his mother standing cancer, I stroked his buttocks and sharply brought him closer to him.
His whole cock disappeared in my mouth.
What could be better when you yourself fuck a woman in the ass and suck dick.
I know how to suck on the method of “deep throat”, so the whole boyish member was in my mouth, and I felt the head with my throat.
I fucked my mother in the ass for the entire length of the penis, and her son fucked me in the mouth for the entire length of the penis.
We all finished at the same time.
The boy squealed, his mother groaned, I twitched.
Of course, all the sperm in my mouth did not fit, a part poured out of my mouth to Lena on my back.

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My sperm flowed through the legs of Lena.
– – Mom, you never sucked like an uncle – – Please tell me, I didn’t see, otherwise he won’t let me rest – – I can even show you, but I need a long, not very thick cock – – I’m sorry, I watched for a blowjob.
I really liked

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Show on me The man standing next to him had a long and thick member.
– – Let me try, but your dick is plump.
It may not work. I took the head of the penis in my mouth, then licked it along the entire length so that it was slippery.
Then he began to sit down on his penis with his mouth, moving him deeper and deeper with each movement.
The dick occupied the whole mouth, its smell and taste were wonderful.
Finally, I felt the head of the penis at the root of the tongue, and then with one strong movement I drove the penis into the throat.
His nose buried his man in the pubis, and his balls beat on my chin.
The man groaned, twitched and finished right in my esophagus.
Lena looked at me with wide eyes.
– – I can not, I will feel sick – – Practice and get used to it, it’s not difficult.
Then teach Ninochka.
And now I’ll go watch the animals.
Interestingly I opened the door to the fifth hall, entered.
The door for me automatically closed.
Two large dogs were tied along the wall, a donkey, a pony, two sheep.
Between the legs of the pony sat a woman and sucked a huge member of the animal.
Rather not sucked, and licked.
– – Every week comes.
– Suddenly there was a voice next to – Not enough men for her. I turned to the voice.
Nearby stood a tall, slightly stout man.
He was wearing a long cloak with the words “employee”.
– – I look after animals here – he explained – I know this woman.
Everyone here knows her, even beasts.
Now the pony will finish on it, it will be filled with sperm, she will go to the dogs, by that dog.
He will fuck her.
All that happened.
Pony filled the entire woman with sperm, she rubbed her body and went to the dogs.
The sight was unusual, but exciting, so the member got up again.
I began to slowly stroke and jerk him.
And suddenly someone behind me gently pressed.
I felt like an excited cock rests on the ass, and gentle hands stroking my chest, cock, pinching nipples.
I realized that this is the caretaker of this zoo.
I really needed a dick in my ass, so I dutifully leaned over.
The caretaker had a short fat cock, he quickly entered me and fucked for a very long time.
Before my eyes, a huge dog ebala woman, and I, standing on a dog gave a fat cock.
The only thing I regretted was that there was no one to fuck me in the mouth.
I took a shower and went upstairs.
My ass hurt, my throat hurt, my cock was overworked, but I was pleased.
– – Well, how are you with us? – asked last woman – Do you like it? – – Highly. Sex scene movie online.

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