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All the man entered the room who

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told me the whole truth, in English he ordered everyone to disperse, except for one girl, Ketty.
My mother and English teacher and I understood them perfectly.
All the girls immediately fled, and Ketty came up to me and extended her hand.

_ This is Ketty, her neighbor and mentor, she will tell you everything you need to know and teach what you should be able to – the peasant said the same thing, and Ketty, taking me by the hand, led me to her room.
Ketty’s room was large and cozy. When I entered the room, I immediately sat down on the sofa and tears flowed down my cheeks.
“Well, calm down,” said Ketty, “do you want to drink?” And without waiting for an answer, she poured me half a glass of whiskey, and she lit the phone herself, and as soon as I drank, she let me inhale.
After drinking and the tube, euphoria rolled on me.
Well, how much easier – she asked, I nodded back – this is dried coca leaves, helping to relax – she winked at me.
Who is Meg? I asked her.
I’ll tell you everything along the way, we have a lot to do, let’s go – she took my hand again and I went after her.
At first, she led me to a kind of beauty parlor, where two women showed me the entire body, except for the head and smeared it with some kind of cream, so that there were no reddenings.

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Then we returned to her room and Ketty picked up my clothes, before that I all went in the same hospital gown, like laced clothes, women’s panties, a bra, a short skirt and a blouse, more like a nightgown from an intimate salon and gave high shoes hairpin
Then she sat down in front of the mirror, made a woman’s hairstyle, like a square, I always wore hair down to my shoulders, and I painted my face and plucked my eyebrows.
After all this, I really looked like a pacifier, a fucking chick.
It would be funny if it were Hochma.
Tomorrow I’ll start teaching you to do it all yourself – she said – well, now the most important thing is to get up with cancer.
I silently obeyed, apathy had come to me after all I had experienced and drunk.
Ketty lifted my skirt over her skirt, then smeared my anus with me and started inserting into my ass what tool that ominously snapped on completion.
What is it – I asked.
Anal struts – answered Ketty – our signor likes to fuck girls on a dry one, and the device is not frail, so it’s better to prepare your hole, you will only remove them in the toilet until your anus takes the right size, I will teach you to remove them and put them yourself .
Also during these procedures, as promised, Ketty told me everything I wanted to know.
She herself Ketty was a Belorussian of American origin, called her when Andrew and we spoke in Russian.
Four years ago she, like me, was kidnapped from New York and now she is Ketty.
Carlos is our master, whom I must call only as the signor, the head of the local drug cartel.
He prefers transicks in bed, so he kidnaps the guys he likes for his harem all over the world.
Harem has a small fifteen girls, I’m sixteenth – Meg.
Meg was his favorite girl, but she drowned in the pool two years ago and since then his people have been looking for a replacement for her master everywhere. Sword art online sex.

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