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I have always praised Stas and my other children before spanking – to show them that, despite everything, I love and appreciate them so that they do not have complexes, bitterness and resentment.
Having made a little son a couple more compliments, and finally assuring him of my good attitude towards him, I kissed the hare in the stomach, and ordered him to lie upside down on my knees.
Kitty reluctantly obeyed.

Of course, I did not slap and smack him right away – only aggressive people who do not understand punishment do so.
To begin with, I gently embraced Stasik – one hand behind the ass, and the other behind the head.
And with great feeling, without haste, I stroked my son – so that he not only with my words, but also in fact see how much I love him.
Right touches can sometimes say much more than words.
And so I cautiously, without pawing, slowly caressed my entire son’s ass with my right hand, not forgetting to also hold my fingertips between my buttocks, and lightly massage him with the tip of my index finger anus. Teen hidden cam masturbation.

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