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Teen masturbate in webcam. Come on, cook it, then hang it next to the computer! Bring the bucket too! Now I’ll give you a recipe!” reassured the doctor.
Then he added: “Prepare 2 liters of water, 100 grams of vegetable oil, 1 tablespoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap! Stir everything and pour it into a mug!”.
“Wow! 2 liters!” , Masha was horrified.
“So it is necessary!” the doctor strictly replied.

“All fall asleep in the water?” girl asked.
“Oh, and the soap will be the oven,” Masha was scared.
“Be patient, not scary!” replied the doctor.
“It will be painful,” the girl continued to be frightened.
“It will not be, you are not the first to do!” followed by a response.
“Ok”, agreed Masha, and the doctor ordered: “Prepare, report!”.
“Everything,” after a while, Masha answered.
“The bucket also brought? Hang the enema on the hook, let the air out of the hose, smear the tip with cream!” , the doctor continued to command.
all, “answered the girl.
“Good! Now you need to undress! Are you wearing a bathrobe?” asked the doctor.
“OK. Teen masturbate in webcam.

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