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In her hand, she carried a big rubber bludgeon, like the one used by the special forces, only more resiliently (I determined this by the way she bent).
“I’ll smack you and fuck at the same time,” she informed the mulatto who was waiting for her fate and banging her baton on her thigh.
There was a juicy sound, as if in a boxing ring.

Anya screamed – Larissa just hit the sore spot.
And then an artificial member penetrated into it.
First in the vagina.
Larisa did not hold back, like me, and pounded her victim to the fullest, not forgetting to give her measured blows to the back and shoulders.
The hole went shaking, Anya screamed and made desperate attempts to break free from the shackles that held her securely, Larissa continued to mercilessly torture her with both batons, driving the smaller wounded body and conscientiously treating the second wounded body unhappy.
The scream of the poor mulatto reached its apogee, when Larisa, abruptly pulling the shiny black member from her vagina, put a thick head on her anus that was still half open after my attack.
The unfortunate girl squeezed her muscles with all her strength, but to cope with the pressure of Larisa, who helped herself with both hands, was unreal.

Forced to live naked.

I was fascinated to watch, as nearly thirty centimeters of elastic black rubber slowly enters its wriggling body, and even in a not very wide hole.
It is a pity that I could not see the eyes of Ani, hidden under a black bandage: they probably just climbed out of orbit.
Having entered her monster to its full length, Larisa threw the baton away and began to literally

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string Anya onto a dense rod, vigorously moving the pelvis from side to side and up and down.
Mulatochka tried to get into the rhythm in order to make her position a little easier, but the sly Larisa always changed the pace and rhythm of the frictions.
In this game, Ani had no chance.
Meanwhile, following my insidious plan, I approached her face on the other side.
She did not hear me, because all her sensations were concentrated at a depth of thirty centimeters in her rectum, and shuddered at the touch of my member ready for battle to my cheek.
I didn’t have to explain what to do with him further: Anya meekly opened her sponges and, running a couple of times over my head with the tip of the pink tongue, sucked it into its warm depths.
Her mouth was surprisingly gentle and hot, and there was another surprise waiting for me: her tongue was punctured, and a metal stake was moving in the through-hole.
From knowing what kind of pleasures this promises me, I almost poured directly into her mouth and hurried to pull my dick out.
Anya understood this in her own way.
Having thrust out a long tongue outside, she with amazing accuracy threw them around my dick, so that the metal stake touched the most sensitive place on the head. Tisha campbell sex video.

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