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Tisha campbell sexy legs.
You promised it! ”
“, mother was embarrassed,” I said that I would do an enema for myself.

but not necessarily immediately. ”
“Why wait?” the son objected, “once to do, so do, the sooner the better.”
“Maybe you’re right, son,” mother sighed, “since today I, too, have not poked yet, come on, I’ll give myself an enema.”
She went back to the kitchen, Vasya followed her.
Mom took the same mug that she used for Vasya, and began to re-prepare the solution for the enema in it.
The enema balloon was already mummy washed while the son was sitting on the pot, now mom started filling it with liquid again, sucking it out of the cup.
The boy carefully watched the actions of the mother.
“Mom, how are you going to do yourself an enema – also lying on your side?” suddenly he asked.
“No, son, just squat down,” the mother explained.
Soon the balloon was filled with liquid, and the mother smeared it with petroleum jelly.
“Well, then,” she said, “everything seems to be ready, let’s proceed to the enema.”
The woman came out of the kitchen, went into the corridor, suddenly stopped there, pulled up her robe and pulled her white panties down to her knees. Tisha campbell sexy legs.

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