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Olga, holding her head to the floor with both hands, squeezed and massaged her chest.
The guy grabbed my girlfriend’s ass and began to fuck her ass.
Olga did not like to talk to me in bed, behaved quietly, only moaning.

But while this guy was fucking her, without stopping, she was pouring vulgar phrases on him.
– Oh, fuck me.

So, stronger, deeper.
“Vulgarities flowed from her like a horn of plenty.”
In my head everything was covered with fog.
A member was ready to break his pants, one touch to him and I would have finished immediately, but promised her to just watch and not touch either them or myself.
The boy did not last long and after ten minutes convulsively began to twitch, groaning terribly banal phrases “Oh yes, baby, I’ll finish now.”
Olya flipped it to him, but when he made the last friction and leaned on her with his whole body, he simply pressed her against the floor, remaining to lie on it.
While the guy came to his senses, Olya got out from under him, got up, got rid of the stained condom from him and looked down at him arrogantly, saying: – I’ll go to the bathroom when I go out, let you not be.
– and retired in the appropriate direction.

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The frightened boy, as it seemed to me, looked at me with a glance.
I nodded and said that it was better to do as she says.
I did not want to get acquainted with him or spend even a minute.
The guy hastily retreated and by the time Olga returned to the room, only I remained in it, still sitting in the armchair with a glass of wine.
– Well, how? She asked.
“Come here,” I said, lowering my pants.
She smiled and threw off the towel.
Coming up, she climbed on me, so that my cock was between her legs and her breasts right in front of my face.
I squeezed them and began to suck furiously nipples, but how could not decide which one I want more, and therefore moved from one to another on every breath.
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