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For the slave, the honor to kneel before you.
Okay, what to do with you.
After all, no matter how you get into the head, you will not get rid of it) You go to the kitchen, to put tea.

I completely undress.
I am left with lace panties and stockings.
I get up on all fours and holding the belt in my teeth crawling towards you.
Tea has already poured, sit down.
Can’t Sir, sit.
Only on your knees to be at your feet.
Next to me is a belt.
I take it again in the teeth and put it on your lap.
Bulk your slave, she deserves punishment.
Will you continue to play next? Well, okay)) You put me tea on the floor.
Drink up.
I drink tea.
I beg you to flog me.
Please blow your slave.
I deserve punishment.
You do not pay attention to me.
Drink tea and go to another room.
I’m upset, do not you accept the rules of the game and all in vain.
I think I look very seductively only in shorts and stockings.
, and you do not pay attention to me.
I’m starting to get upset.
You go back to the kitchen, you have a collar in your hands.
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