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Dylan, who was expecting such action from the thugs, immediately after the throw ran over the corner of the car and ducked, so none of the bullets fired from the machine gun caused him any harm.
Horner could follow the example of Tom, and return fire, but did not dare to do this, fearing inadvertently offending Faith.
However, the prisoner herself did not stand in a pillar, and wait until she was rescued.

Not being able to hit the guys who were still holding her hands, the girl abruptly turned her head to the side

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, and bit the thug who held her right arm, right behind her groin.
The guy screamed in pain, and immediately released the prisoner.
Freeing her right hand, Faith immediately snatched a pistol from behind her belching thug’s belt, fired a bullet three times in his stomach, and then did the same with the second thug.
Noticing that all his accomplices are dead, Tom grabbed a grenade, snatched the ring with his teeth, threw it at Faith’s feet, and jumped out onto the street.
Dylan, who met the fugitive at the exit, tried to hit the enemy with his butt in the face, but Tom managed to duck and then sharply pushed Horner away from himself, from which he collapsed to the fifth point, and lashed to the slums.
Vykinuv automatic, Dylan was going to send in pursuit of a fugitive gunpoint, but at this moment breaking through the window glass, Faith jumped out into the street.
As soon as the girl touched the ground, and made a somersault, an explosion thundered in a trailer.

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Only just Dylan rose to his feet, as he immediately fell on his stomach, knocked down with a blast wave.
Faith, who was still holding the gun in her hand, did not say a word to Horner, and ran after Tom.
Running around the maze of slums without breaking the road, Tom very quickly ran into a dead end, and when he turned around, he saw that the pursuer was already close.
Throwing a machine gun, Tom discharged the rest of the store into his pursuer, but the deft girl jumped back at first, and landed on her back, with two well-aimed shots she shot both her legs to the enemy.
Dropping the machine, Tom collapsed on the ground like a knocked down.
Rushing to his feet, and throwing off the now unnecessary pistol with an empty clip, Faith, with a slow, imposing step, headed for the defeated enemy.
The thug, instead of picking up an automaton, turned over on his stomach and crawled forward to the high wall.
“Well, Tommy, have you forgotten what I promised to do with you?” Of course I did not forget, because it was just a couple of minutes ago! – Faith said loudly, going to Tom.
The thug who had crawled to the wall of the house could quietly pull out the knife and hide it in the sleeve.
After waiting when Faith approached, she bent over him and turned him from belly to back, Tom stabbed the girl in the throat.
However, Faith, who immediately noticed that Tom had hidden the knife in a sleeve, grabbed the hand of the failed avenger, and stabbed him in the Adam’s apple with his side of the palm.
Fate picked up the knife that had fallen out of Tom’s hands, and began to unbutton his pants.
It was in this position that Dylan found them.
– What are you thinking? – asked the soldier cautiously.
– Helping this asshole lose weight.
Just one stroke – and a few grams, as it happened! – Faith answered fervently, having finished messing around with the clasp.
In the eyes of Tom, the girl saw a growing panic.
– Yes, you relax, moron, it will not hurt.
– The girl smiled coldly.
“Though who am I kidding?” It will be very painful, so scream, do not be shy. Web kamera online sex.

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