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I will love you today so that you will forget everything in the world, we will stay with you on this small island of love, where only you and me are.
Right now I realized how much I love this man.
I have been looking for you for a long time, Nadya, almost my whole life, and I am very afraid of losing you.

To be with you, listen to your gentle voice, enjoy your natural beauty, love and be loved, this is real happiness, I said sincerely.
Nadia looked at me with loving eyes, taking off my tights and sweater.
We rushed into each other’s arms, helping to unbutton and throw off everything that we were wearing.
Jealous clothes dumped! Started true love.
July 29, 2005 Alex Myasoedov

On the day when he happened – my first sexual experience, I was on top of bliss and wished that this moment would not end.
I was overwhelmed by that pleasant feeling when you lay beside your beloved girlfriend who had just appeased you.
Alena chatted with me for a long time, and we lay for several hours on her bed.
Our bodies were still intertwined, not wanting to separate.
We were one with her, and it was beautiful.
But just like everything good in our world ends, so our carefree lying in each other’s arms came to an end when I needed to go home on business.
Parents will worry if I do not come.
Alena escorted me to the door, on the way I said goodbye to her father, who winked at me.
– Kohl, do not be shy, come in at any time to chat or still do something else interesting.
– I will consider.
– I smiled at his phrases, although his last phrase caused me no fun, but not some negative feeling, curiosity tormented me, I wanted to know that he might still want from me. Webcam amateur sex.

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