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These still illegal pills secretly began to be distributed for research in humans, because in order to get official permission it will take many years.
In the senior senior class consisting of 35 girls and not a single guy, the girls dragged those experimental pills, but in order not to get caught they disguised them as pills in chocolate, melted hard chocolate and dipping pills – an external copy of the pills in chocolate turned out.
At the very first lesson, the teacher of high school students noticed that they were transferring a package of pills from the desk to the desk, and they all treated themselves to one by one — chose a bag with a scream — you should learn to eat and not candy and threw yourself on the table, when a drop of chocolate balls rolled out, the teacher couldn’t help but I ate them in the same way I received a double dosage and at the end of the lesson I ran off somewhere, leaving the class without a teacher.

At this time, our Arthur, hiding from his annoying classmates, hid behind the first door on the way, but there were those 35 excited girls, having treated him with that candy in turn began to caress and kiss with an erotic kiss using a tongue, never kissed by Arthur – swam from pleasure member was excited right up to the shiver and was richly eroding mucus from the strong excitement and highly active drug, his salvation that he was wearing tight shorts with wide rubber bands not only in the belt area but tightly licked around the legs.

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continuous secretion of mucus under the influence of a strong drug as well as from a strong arousal draining from the member sticking to the top dipped completely not only the member but also the eggs.
More than half of the class kissed him – and then Arthur felt something incredible that he had never experienced, his little eyes became big, his face was red, a pleasant shiver spread through his body – he could not understand what was happening to him, at first he thought that he was writing , and while one stuck in a passionate kiss – the second put a hand to his fly to examine what member and touch, having realized that there everything is slipping from mucus and sperm and began to knead the sliding eggs and dick

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through pants and shorts, Arthur gave way to legs and girls picking up his teachers and putting them on the table with even greater insistence began to process him kissing not only his lips but also his neck, unbuttoning his shirt, began to tickle his chest with tongues biting his tiny nipples and the one that initially stroked his dick through his pants began intensively to shift and explore all the bulges to the touch, feeling that everything slips into slippery slush, began to smear even on the buttocks and between them, and Arthur was brewing another orgasm and again to stop running began to apply all the remaining forces to break free from muscle strain and bezoskhodnosti only accelerated the onset of orgasm. Webcam model sex.

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