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“Hello, my beloved princess,” Jabba croaked, opening his mouth wide and sticking out a huge tongue.
– What got like a bird in the snare? But do not interfere with Jabba Hut! I always win.
And now I have captured such a valuable trophy, like you.

It is a pity that such beauty is doomed! – Would you feel sorry for yourself? the princess laughed, fearless and beautiful.
– Close

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your mouth, slug, fattened by handouts! Well, what will you do to me? Do you execute It does not scare me.
I have been at war with the Empire for several years now and I used to look into the eyes of death.
Yes, even throw me into the pit to Sarlak, digested for a thousand years – I just laugh at you, that’s all.
You despicable worm! Leia was beautiful this minute.
And really feminine.
“I’m not going to execute you, princess,” Jabba laughed.
– Never! Yet in my slimy body a kind heart beats.
I have always respected brave enemies, especially if these enemies are young beauties.
But what prevents me from making you a servant in the palace, Princess Leia? You will serve me day and night.
Prepare food for my subjects, sweep the palace, but we have a little work! Agree, and then a worse alternative is waiting for you: In response to such an offer, the princess just smiled coldly and spat at Jabba.

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Spit hit the slug right in the left eye.
All of Jabba Hatt’s complacency disappeared immediately, his eyes filled with blood.
– Princess Leia lived in battle and die in battle! I will never descend to the role of a servant! – the girl screamed in a clear voice.
– Ah well! – exclaimed Jabba.
– So you are proud of us? You don’t want to serve me, huh? Not afraid of death? And torture? So you should be afraid of something else, if I were not Jabba! Tomorrow morning, start your upbringing, Princess Leia.
And now take her to the dungeon.
Jabba nodded to his loyal servant Kverv, and he dragged the girl into an underground dungeon.
Leia walked proudly, not bowing her head.
Turning around, she said, laughing: “How long will you have to train me, miserable stuffed animal!” Locking Leia into a dungeon, Kwerv returned to his sovereign.
Jabba wheezed: “Announce to the people that tomorrow morning they will have fun — a naked girl.”
And not just a girl, and the princess Leah herself! Let them gather in the stands in front of the palace.
Kverva’s eyes lit up with lust: – Yes, sir! Will be done.
I myself am waiting.
Jabba began to laugh.
Early in the morning, the entire square in front of Jabba’s palace was teeming with humanoids — unimaginable creatures that could only be seen in drunken delirium.
The words “naked Leya” made a magical effect on the forever preoccupied creatures.
Thirst for sex – that is what owned the inhabitants of Tatooine. Webcam sexy gif.

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