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It was something to look at – the former once red, the short hair of the hunter became white – even the eyelashes.
Shadri was holding her stomach with her right hand and looked at the fighters with glittering mercury eyes.
Everyone in the Detachment was no longer children.

Each of them went through more than one anomaly, each of

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them carried out something from there.
Friendly picks between them were not uncommon, and the fighters had nicknames.
Some were associated with their new features, some were just an old story, as is usually the case.
Maanat Native American, like other mercenaries years ago, wore iron armor, and ended up in the 21st anomaly in a temperature circuit.
When he reached the nearest outpost and the iron was cut off from him, his skin acquired a steady red tint.
Olta Apostol became famous for its acquired ability to overcome gravity, due to which it never fell into the snow.
And did not swim.
Daniel was solemnly called Rybak-S-Big-Letter as a youth: returning from the river with his friends, he carried a hefty fish of an unspecified breed, laid it on the grass to take a break, and she flew away.
Only rookie Eress was still not noted in the Detachment.

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All this flashed before the eyes of Shadri, and she resolutely moved past the table.
– Fisherman, follow me! The mercenaries looked at each other in surprise.
– What a long-awaited, joyful meeting! – quipped Eress.
– Quiet you! – Olta shouted at him.
– Something is wrong with her.
The Indian returned his eyebrow to the proper place and began to drink beer, nodding to Daniel.
He just threw up his hands, on the go took a sip from his mug and followed the commander.
Having climbed the stairs, Rybak entered the first open door.
White-haired woman took him by the collar and casually moved into the dark room.
Trying to stay on his feet, the mercenary took a few quick steps back, where the bed and put him a footrest.
Raising his eyes and hearing the noise of a slammed door, he saw Shadry, predatory looking at his body.
Hanging from above, she began to sniff at him, until finally she got to her pants.
The whistle of the pulled-out belt brought the stunned guy to his senses.
“Commander, what the hell are you doing?”
The pistol, resting in the thigh of a woman, was already looking at his forehead.
Rybak thought for a while, trying to calculate the proportion of the speed of movements of the commander of his alcoholism, but quickly gave up this activity, realizing that he was already with his pants and shorts pulled down, and her warm palm was already crushing his eggs.
Shadri grinned and pressed his lips to his dignity.
The piquancy of the situation, as well as a long abstinence on the way here quickly aroused a man.
Caressing the head with a ring of lips, the obscured minds of Shadri noted that everything was already standing, no longer foreseen. American sex video watch online.

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