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The girl resisted, she wanted to stay with her mother, but she, after hitting the baby on the cheek, said that she might not come back, she was preventing her mother from living.
The baby burst into tears, and Nastya took her to the kitchen, but I didn’t hold back any longer and gave a good slap in the face, sending the bastard to lie unconscious. Calling a friend of my friend, I asked him to come and help.
When he arrived and saw the conditions in which the girl lives and what her mother is, she helped me with the collections and further in working with all the organs.

We painted in zaksa to adopt our favorite baby.
By giving someone a hand, I was able to deprive the whole family of parental rights and we were appointed guardians of Natasha.
Our joy was not the end and edge, we were a happy family.
I brought all the girls to my big house.
We sold the apartment and bought the family car with the money we received, and equipped the nursery.
Gradually, our Natasha began to forget that she had another mother.
We hid the adoption documents so that the girl could never find them for the time being.
When our daughter was 5 years old, she made a guess on the birthday of her brother or sister.
We deliberated for a long time whether we could pull another child.
I decided to quit my job

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and go to another company, where I had been offered a long time ago to move to a bigger salary.
As a result, after 9 months, we had 2 babies at once – a boy and a girl.
We became happy parents of three children, there were many difficulties ahead, but the main thing was that we were together and loved each other.
The end.
Here is a dream visited me.
Sincerely, your Marduch.
It was a dark era, an era when murders became a given, an era when people’s lives became a commodity, an era of 1000 war.

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Nora was the daughter of a peasant, in a month she was to turn 19.
In her lands there was a law according to which the girls had to keep chastity until the age of 19, and from 19 to 23 they were in the harem of the feudal lord, the Count Filanta, and that if they did not please him properly, then they would soon have to please his soldiers.
She was never particularly attractive, except a very beautiful ass, which her friend Cheryl loved so much to fondle when they bathed together in a bath, and her long, black and smolded hair.
For the rest she was a completely ordinary peasant.
That night there was a strong thunderstorm, and she could not sleep, constantly thinking that the next 4 years of her life would be as terrible as the night before.
And about the fact that her friend was 19 years old yesterday, and she was about to leave for the palace to Count Filant.
This meant that there would be no more joint visits to the bath when she allowed Cheryl to wash her most intimate places, in response, also enjoying her beautiful breasts.
Remembering this, Nora felt that in the lower abdomen, how to become warm and humid, and her hand crawled down by itself.
Caressing herself, she thought about Cheryl, about how she slapped her priest with a broom, how beautiful her face was, how much I wanted to merge with her in a fit of passion, and that very soon she would become a toy in the hands of the graph.
She caressed herself more and more, tried to moan only under the peals of thunder, so that her father and younger sister would not hear.
And when the lightning strikes began to hit the ground almost without stopping, Nora reached ecstasy, a stream of juice escaped from her womb to the bed.
Soon she heard a light knock on the window, it must be hail, Nora thought.
But just in case, I decided to look out the window.
Opening it, she saw Cheryl, the girl was dressed in her brother’s hunting suit, and her hair was hidden under the hood.
“Get ready,” said Cheryl, breathing hard. “Where do you want to go on such a terrible night?” “They came for me, Guardsmen of Count Filanta, I hid in the basement, and when she went to check out the barn, I changed into men’s clothes and ran away.”
“But if you are caught, then you will become a slut of soldiers, not the Earl’s concubine — Soldiers, Count, for me they are equally disgusting, I will not allow any man to take my body by force.”
It is better to run away into the forest and become a robber, or go to the distant seas, where women rule over men. Anal cam chat.

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