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She was waiting for another one of the most important, the most recent contact with nature.
Clouds spread another lightning and thunder resounded unprecedented power.
She startled, a cry broke out and tears rolled from her beautiful eyes, the cry turned into a sob and she felt an orgasm.

The room, dimly lit by the rising rays of the sun, smelled of sex and lust.
It was a place for love.
Two intertwined naked bodies on kurpachas were a clear indication of this.
Crumpled clothes were lying around.
(Kurpach is an oriental national blanket, made of brocade and cotton, author’s note) Zamira’s muffled moans pleasantly drilled Anvar’s ears.
He, in turn, with powerful pushes drove the penis into the succulent bosom of his wife.
She was lying on her stomach, placing several pillows under herself, in such a way that her pelvis was tempting, curved, making it easier to access the most intimate place.
Anwar, sitting comfortably on her, drove his dick into Zamira’s smoothly shaved pussy.
It was Anwar who insisted on the complete depilation of her pubis and perineum.
Zamira did not refuse her husband such a whim, after all, so much her man wants.
And she herself found it very erotic.
The tempo of Anwar’s movements accelerated, and finally the pulsating member was discharged deep into her womb by a powerful jet of sperm.
A year has passed since their wedding day.
Anwar and Zamira discovered a vast world of carnal relationships.
Rather, it will be said that Anwar helped open up his wife, a stunning and delightful world of sexual pleasure.

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Zamira was a capable student.
Very quickly she mastered numerous positions.
She eagerly gave herself up standing, lying, sitting and back.
To Anvar’s surprise, his wife had

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enormous sexual potential.
No, she was not depraved, she was simply not experienced in carnal pleasures, the girl considered it an expression of her love! Great love for your husband! She really liked to suck the darling of her beloved husband.
Therefore, the blowjob in her passionate performance, forced Anwar to reward her with stormy streams of sperm, which Zamira eagerly swallowed.
Having swallowed her for the first time, Zamira liked this nectar, and often she asked to finish it in her mouth! Tastes like a sweet apricot sorbet! – She said in the moments of their unity.
Zamira quickly learned the basics of love and her young passion, poured into demands again and again.
Anwar was a strong man.
And gladly satisfied his wife’s insatiable lust! She was greatly pleased by the oral caresses of her husband.
Anwar perfectly knew how to caress her tender flesh.
The young woman experienced powerful orgasms, and considered this a great bliss.
sperm flowed between her open labia.
Anwar lay beside him and stroked Zamira on her round buttocks.
Zamirochka! Little woman Need to get up! It’s time to go! – Anwar slightly slapped his wife on the bare buttocks.
– Enough to stay with relatives.
Oh! Anvar aka! Maybe we’ll stay for a day! – Zamira looked tired – we have not slept all night! The road is far! Can we rest? Not! Today I have to be in Tashkent! – Anwar sighed.
– You know, work is work.
Soon the silver car raced on its way to Tashkent.
It was a long ride.
Already approaching Tashkent, they stopped at a roadside teahouse.
(The teahouse is a small cafe, national Uzbek dishes are served, the author’s note) This is where the tragedy occurred.
At the next table sat three young men.
In addition to the trio of thugs and Anvar and Zamira, there were no more visitors.
They immediately noticed Zamira.
They liked this young and beautiful girl. Asian chaturbate cam.

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