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“No, don’t do an enema!”, Shouted the sister, “I am terribly afraid of her!”.
“I was also afraid when I was little,” Dasha said, “and now I understand that there are cases in life when you can’t do without it.
But I hope that you may not need an enema this time, “she began to calm Masha.

After this time, Dasha stopped massaging Masha’s stomach and asked her sister: “Well, Mashenka, do you still not want to crap?”.
“I want to!” The little sister answered readily.
“Then get up from the couch and sit on the potty!”, Dasha ordered her.
Masha sat down again on the potty and began to push.
First, the remainder of the candle not completely melted fell into the pot, then a long, hard turd began to crawl out of the girl’s priests.
Masha gritted her teeth and, after gigantic efforts, she finally managed to push her out.
she screamed, “I poked, look, Dasha, I poked! I won’t have to do an enema!”
“Nuka show me!”, The sister said with interest, and walked over to Masha.
She picked up her ass from the pot and Dasha saw a plump, dark brown “sausage” in it, about 8-10 centimeters long.
“Commendable!”, She said to her sister, “but do not think that you are so easy to get rid of me! Big boobs teen on cam.

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