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He was very worried about the fate of his correspondence patient.
Since she was silent, he asked after a couple of minutes: “No kaki? Tell me!”.
“Eee!” Masha happily wrote.

Portions of solid, locking, stinking feces in volleys came out of the anus of an exhausted girl.
“Thank God!” , thought and also wrote a doctor, then he wished to clarify: “Solid, smelly?”.
“Aha!” confusedly confessed Masha.
“Do not rush, throw it all out as it should! I saved your life, by the way!” , the doctor insisted instructively and thought with himself: “Thank God not only for the fact that the enema helped her, but also that the Internet connection was not broken.”
“Well, thank you,” Masha confusedly thanked her.
“Please! A lot of things have already happened?” Dr. Vanya asked.
“, Masha confirmed and asked:” And then you need to smear your ass with something ???? “.
“With a cream! Have you really turned everything up already?” , the doctor answered and asked.
“, answered Masha, because the hard pieces of feces never stopped falling from her.
“Right in the ass?” She clarified.
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