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He, appreciating me from head to toe, running at me with a smiling look.
I looked seriously, weighing all the pros and cons.
– Immoral not arguing.

But honestly – he summed up – agree with me? – Yes, honestly, but somehow it is unusual for me to hear such a thing – I lowered my eyes, I said.
– In general, this is what we will do – leaning in my businesslike direction, he said, – if your work agrees, no, then I’m looking for success in another company.
Taking a pause, I took a deep breath, pulled the strand of hair that fell forward behind my ear.
I sat silently, lowering my eyes and looking at my palm.
Three minutes looked at the lines intersecting on it.
I didn’t want to think about anything.
I looked at him.
He greeted me with a smile.
“I agree,” I whispered softly.
“Well, that’s umochka,” said my chief,

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moving away from the table and rolling back in a mobile chair, “I need to check your intentions.”
Having risen, Mikhail Sergeevich, went around the edge of the table and approached me.
I slowly rose, leaving my purse lying on the floor near the chair.
He was a little smaller than me.
I looked into his dark eyes and realized that I was still uncomfortable with everything that was happening.
– Relax – he whispered, pulling me to him.
I closed my eyes and closed my lips.
The next moment I felt his mouth touch my face, and my hands lay on my buttocks, squeezing them tightly.
Involuntarily gasping, I opened my lips, and his tongue penetrated into my mouth, starting to lick and caress my gums and palate.

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I did not answer immediately.
Starting to touch the tongue of his lips, I felt how relaxed and stiffness leaves me.
Another moment, and stooping in the back, I nestled close to him.
His fingers through the skirt with tights roughly crushed my ass.
Lips slid over my neck and started kissing her.
I realized that I was excited.
I liked his touch.
Taking me by the shoulders, the chief moved his hands in the center and began to unbutton my blouse, exposing the chest area.
Clinging to me, he began to lick the surface between them.
The boss hugged me behind my back and the next moment, we both saw how my chest was released from the overstuffing clothes.
Elastic flesh seductively, fell out.
The bra fell at the feet.
Honestly, I was lucky – I recently got a job with frequent business trips abroad, as I had long dreamed of, for a decent job and salary.
The work was supposed to be interesting and, sitting in the office, I could not wait for my first business trip.
When I came to work on another warm Moscow morning, I found in the mail a letter from Sergey, my boss, which indicated that in three days I would have to go to France for a week.
The mood immediately improved: France is not the worst country for work, which, apparently, shouldn’t have been so much – all you have to do is present a new client and discuss some details.
On the appointed day, I arrived at the airport, where I met with my boss, surprised to learn that only the two of us fly.
I must say that I liked him from the interview – a tall, fit, middle-aged man with a gray hair making his way.
In the plane we talked, the conversation went easy, he turned out to be a very interesting conversationalist, and we chatted all three hours of the flight.
Upon arrival, settling into the hotel even earlier than planned, and pleasantly surprised by the rooms with small cozy balconies overlooking Montmartre, he suggested that I walk around the city, which is so famous for its cafe shantanami, clubs and other entertainment, I certainly agreed – first time in Paris. Goodcat bongacams.

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