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I thought we flirt a little.
– Now you can give me the documents? “What will you do if you get fired?” – Do not know yet.
I do my best to prevent this.

– Well, let’s say I do not give you the documents and you are dismissed – your actions.
– I will look for another job, but, first, I will sell this apartment in order not to see you again.
The man smiled predatoryly: – You think, having sold an apartment here, will you slip away from me? I will find you.
– What for? – the girl almost switched to screaming.
– I like you.
You’re like a deal that I just can’t finish.
And I, oh, how I don’t like, unfinished business.
Jane extended her hand: – Documents.
Daniel leaned against the wall. “Kiss.”
– You play not by the rules.
You just said the conditions yourself.
– Terms of the deal are changing.
You need documents – I kiss.
The girl looked at him incredulously, but, nevertheless, slightly rising on her tiptoes, she easily touched her lips to the corner of his mouth.
Daniel instantly responded to Jane’s timid caress.
Having wrapped his arms around her body, he pressed her against the wall.
The girl began to protest, but Daniel drowned out her protests with a greedy kiss.
Half open her lips, his tongue spun in the dance with her tongue.
Jane groaned and tried to free herself.
The man loosened his grip and began gently kissing the corners of her lips: “Why don’t you so aggressively want to sleep with me?” You do not know what you are giving up.
He switched to the upper lip.
– Women are very sensitive to relationships after sex.
I do not want pain.
– What do you want after sex? – I was brought up so that sex can only be married.
Moreover, I have little idea what exactly is included in the concept of “marital sex”.
Daniel abruptly let her go.
Retired to the room, he brought the documents and gave it to her.
– I do not dare to delay.

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The girl opened the door in surprise and left.
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She was 18 years old, she had long, thin, blond hair and bluish eyes with dark-gray okoemkoy.
Her childish face frowned when she was occupied with some thought, the mood changed to her face very quickly, she laughed loudly and actively gesticulated.
He was 24, he had dark brown and red straight long hair, fair skin, Jewish reddish-chocolate bulging eyes and a curved bred nose into the bargain.
He was short and did not like it when she wore heels — it was so inconvenient to take her by the shoulders with her left hand, and with her right to make a wide movement, the kikim raised the veil over the future.
They were familiar with the week, or rather, that day became the seventh.
All this week, as soon as they only envied each other, active gesticulation and loud laughter and malicious jokes immediately began.
It was the end of March and that evening at 7 o’clock it was terribly cold outside, the winter had not yet lost the positions it occupied.
On the eve in the confusion took place some strange fragmentary 1 second “pioneer” kiss.
It was so strange that it was impossible to say with precision

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whether he was or was not.
It annoyed him.
She was embarrassed.
So it was cold, there was still a snowstorm. It would be inappropriate to complain that he finishes work so late, and they need to see each day.
There are many reasons to bring him closer to the goal, and give her a reason to fool her own head.
Heading to his house with her favorite music under her arm – “to show”, she intended to “test her willpower”.
Willpower – hahaha.
For two days already, smoke was swimming in my eyes, and in the smoke of this, its thoroughbred profile constantly appeared.
A laptop with music was put on a coffee table in the middle of a single room, they brought a battery for warmth, they were doing some kind of creative stuff, like analyzing a poem about loneliness.
He lay on the couch, reasoning, staring at the ceiling, imposingly lounging in his suede chocolate sweatpants and a steel “homemade” T-shirt.
Number from the series, – “Want to see elegance in negligence – here I am.”
On the floor was a Turkish carpet.
Climbing up on his elbow, and realizing that the girl did not want to hug him and lie down on the sofa, he got up and went to the computer to do something with sound.
The girl shook her head every now and then, trying to throw the damn fog out of her, in order to gain that clarity of thought that was between them a day ago and which she admired so much.
She came up and stood behind a young man sitting in Turkish on the Turkish carpet, who was looking for something in the memory of an electronic friend. Hard sex cam.

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