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Come in, Elena Nikolaevna, come in! I took her heavy bags and brought her inside, the woman followed me shyly.
Throwing off her light sandals, she froze in the hallway, pulling something in her hands.
Elena Nikolaevna, I waited.

not you
You are not to blame for the situation.
– I carefully chose the words.
– And if you do not mind.
Let’s forget about her? It was clear that the stone fell from the shoulders of a woman.
She smiled and looked at me more calmly.
Come on.
Little bear
– She stopped short.
– Misha, can I use a shower? Of course.
Make yourself at home.
– I unnaturally uttered the phrase phrase.
But Elena Nikolaevna made my answer.
She took the necessary things out of the bag and, smiling at me innocently, disappeared behind the bathroom door.
Only now I realized to the end what happened.
A sense of shame burned from within.
Anger and frustration were mixed with him, because wonderful sex with my little angel this weekend finally covered the large vagina.
I dialed Dashkin number.
Are you still at home?.
Do not come.
Relatives arrived earlier.
Then I will explain everything on Monday.
Putting the phone aside, I buried my palm, trying to digest everything and figure out how to proceed.
Behind the bathroom door, the water was rustling, and I suddenly realized how thin streams of water were breaking on the young body of a light-eyed girl.
They touch sensitive breasts, run off on a sports tummy and, gently caressing the hips with their wet tongue, disappear in the endless ways of urban communications.
Some kind of madness.
I jumped up and walked quickly around the room.
Again, an uneasy bolt filled with power, which did not shine at this weekend.
A ray of light pierced through a small slot adjacent to the box of the newly installed door.

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The heart sank in her chest, echoing a conscious desire to spy on a woman.
Stepping carefully on tiptoe, I approached the cherished crack, having forgotten how to breathe.
Feeling himself a first-grader in front of the door of the women’s dressing room, he leaned his cheek against the wall and, choosing the right angle, saw the body of Elena Nikolaevna.
Well-developed athletic hips overgrown with light fat, he was deposited on a thin waist.
Small breasts have become much larger over the years, no wonder after two children.
Neat pink nipples are swollen and just radiate undisguised sexuality.
All of this together looked pretty damn feminine.
and attractive.
Elena Nikolaevna was rubbing her body with shower gel, smoothly sliding her hands, barely noticeably squeezing her chest when her hands ran over her.
Her blue-gray eyes closed under the weight of pleasure in a wonderful moment.
On the inner side of the thighs, up and down, lingering in the area covered with thin curly hairs of the perineum, the restless fingers ran.
Elena Nikolaevna squatted down and threw back her head.
Her hand was actively soaping curly pussy.
The woman had somehow all tensed up, her lips opened with the letter “O”, and through the thin skin of her neck small wreaths

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were visible.
“Damn, she is masturbating!” From this thought, I was thrown into a fever.
An adult, 40-year-old, woman jerks off in my bathroom, and there was no doubt who she was thinking about at that moment.
I, as enchanted, watched her lively facial expressions.
Here the back, the face and a neck are strained from a bright orgasm even more strained and silent “aaaaa” breaks from her lips, right there covered with a constraining hand.
I walked away from the wall.
Inside, everything was bubbling up, as if I was experiencing an orgasm now, not Elena Nikolaevna.
The member petrified and sweetly whined.
Awful like to distort.
I went into the room and, having pressed the bolt with an elastic band on the underpants, in order not to peck them on the floor, I did a hundred push-ups.
Feel better.
Elena Nikolaevna, flushed after a shower, fluttered into the room with a chattering bird.
I looked from the point I had been staring at for the last 10 minutes.
A woman’s eyes shone, a playful smile wandered on her lips, the wet tips of lush copper hair touched her shoulders.
White terry robe knee-deep wide belt, and each step exposes a small piece of her delicious hips.
She patted my short hair.
Come dinner to cook, Bear. Hidden cam thai sex.

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