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I watched her orgasms several times – they were restrained, quiet and fast.
I wanted to look at my wife from the side, as she ends up with another.
I suddenly realized that it excites me more than my sex with my own wife.

I started searching the Internet for films on the necessary topics, downloaded a couple of dozens of the most discussed forums for fans of “topics.”
And slowly began to sit down his beloved on the joint viewing.
At first, she wondered how they could do that.
Then she silently watched the scene.
She was surprised that there are such huge members in nature.
How they intermeddle in girls.
And why should their husbands allow it.
But I noticed that something has changed in our bed.
The wife began to flow harder before sex, the pussy became much wetter, she began to passionately podmahivat basin to meet me.
And most importantly, ask for almost every day.
I was tired, I did not have enough temperament.
She was offended.
This could not last long, and I realized that it was time to get closer to my erotic dream.
After another short stick, my wife tried to raise my drooping penis with her lips, counting on at least one stick.
And suddenly I asked her: – What if you were helped by another man, more enduring? Wife

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first stopped sucking my dick, then slowly raised her head and turned to me.

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She looked puzzled into my eyes and tried to smile: – I mean? When you get tired, will he bring me to orgasm and complete satisfaction? – Why is it necessary after me? Sometimes it is possible instead, – I said hypocritically.
– Have you seen enough of these strange films? – all also slightly smiling asked his wife.
– Not only.
So many couples live.
This excites many men.
And women too.
And we just need this.
You obviously miss me.
I see it.
Why suffer? Sooner or later, treason can occur.
So it is better to arrange their own discharge.
“Maybe it’s me,” the wife seriously continued, “I don’t know how to arouse you properly?” But you know that I have never been with anyone except you: – Come on, silly.
It’s not about you.
I’m ten years older than you, but you understand that I had women before you.
So I tell you what.
I am with everyone so briefly and moderately.
It seems that the Lord has not given me a temperament.
And I want you to be good.
See you blooming and contented.
– Are you serious? And how do you imagine this? – Yes, nothing.
If someone turns up behind you, who starts to rush you and hint at sex, you let me know.
Then we will discuss.
You go on a date, if you like him, then I see no problems.
You can meet regularly) – And you will not be jealous and you will forgive everything to me? – Of course, my love.
After all, I still love you, and I want you to be happy with me and feel like a woman.
Time passed, everything was as usual, no change.
About this conversation, we somehow no longer remembered.
And so, one evening, after coming home from work, my wife asked me at dinner: “Remember, our conversation is that: well, if someone offers me, I: will I consult with you?” I was shocked by the current, I was shaking from the surging excitement and covered with a light perspiration.
– Yes, why? – Yes, yes. Homemade cam anal.

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