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Last night she attended a party that producer William Donovan staged at his luxurious desert ranch.
It was assumed that it was there that she would sign a contract for the main role in the future blockbuster.
In fact, Donovan suggested that she seal the contract in his bed.

Moreover, the Temple had previously assured Donovan that Angela would more easily agree with “When this asshole realizes that I am already a star,” she thought.
“And she shouldn’t spread her legs in front of a bald sixty-two-year-old goat.”

Angela was the star of one of the most successful TV series of the year “Los Angeles Police”, which the wicked journalists called “Teliki in uniform”. He was the answer of cable television “To the Rescuers of Malibu”.
Unlike her rival, the main role in this series was played by a woman – Angela Foster.
And she was convinced that it would take a little time, and people would forget about both Pamela and the other “bunnies” from the “Rescuers”.
The day came when a twenty-six-year-old actress decided to get ahead of her colleagues on television.

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And John has to figure it out.
If he does not care about her career, then she does not.
And, in general, he is not the only agent in the world.
Pissed off at the whole world, Angela barely noticed a small roadside cafe, passing by at a speed of more than one hundred miles per hour.
However, after a few minutes, as the building disappeared from sight, a siren of a patrol car slashed at her ears — your mother! – screamed Angela, looking back.
– Only this shit I lacked now.
If she were not so excited now, she would simply stop and get off with a slight fright and inevitable lecture on how dangerous it is to exceed the speed.
She had already been stopped four times, and there was nothing worse.
In the extreme case, she would have flashed her gorgeous body and would have left, leaving a pretty patrol history (I will be a reptile, men, today I’m Angela Foster myself, you know, from the series “The Telka in Uniform” boobs showed.
) and autograph.
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