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Instead, she ordered her mistress to open her face to her: – Sit on the ass so that he could not fall out and fidget as if he was fussing with him.
Suddenly, as if remembering something, she jumped off the bed and in the depth of the drawer, found several linen, wooden clothespins, lying there completely unnecessarily.
But it seems, Madeleine has found them a sexually-erotic use.

Having pinched their nipples unhappy, she asked Irina if she would mind if she did the same with her clitoris.
Slave frightened shook her head.
Pulling the gag from her mouth tortured, she again asked the same question.
“Madeleine, please don’t,” the frightened woman replied.
– Oh, you’re a creature! Ghoul, don’t you dare cross me, – rewarding the creature and ghoul with a slap in the face, – Madeline hissed, – ask me about it! – Yes, yes, please pinch my clothespin there.
“I wanted one, but now I’ll pinch two and choose the toughest ones.”
Let it be your science.
Don’t you ever cross me, bitch! Then she fulfilled her plans with pleasure.
Irochka cried again and quietly whined, afraid of being heard by her neighbors.
After admiring her work, Madeleine half-sitting, ordered her slut to lick her pussy.
Grabbing a friend for her ass, she readily carried out the order of the mistress.
It should be noted that the

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artificial member in her pope has already got accustomed, the pain has completely disappeared and, fidgeting on it, then squeezing it a little with the forces of the muscles of her butt, then squatting on it, Irochka, as it were, fuck herself in her own ass.
The pain in the clamped papillae and downstairs did not cause her so much inconvenience, but on the contrary brought some kind of perverted pleasure.
She tried very hard to bring pleasure to her mistress and licked with all her fervor and passion, sometimes releasing one hand to pull up clothespins to learn new pain.

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Soon, the girlfriend convulsed with orgasm.
Ira enjoyed licking her love juice.
Madeleine, crouching on the bed, roughly stuck two fingers into the slit’s slave and began to fuck them there while simultaneously twitching the clothespins in different places with her free hand.
Sometimes awarding a slap to a friend while saying: – What do you like, bitch? You want my fingers, slut.
– Yes, yes, yes, Madeleine! More, more, deeper! Hit me! Hit your bitch.
Oh, Madeleine! So nice! Oh, oh, oh.
Ira groaned and fell backwards, losing control of her body from orgasm.
The anus relaxed, pushing a member out of its depths, trembling in convulsions.
Madeleine quickly freed the body of her friend from the clothespins.
Carefully stroking her hair, she asked: – Do you really like it? Was everything exactly the way you wanted? – Yes darling! This is exactly what I wanted, hugging and gently kissing her friend, she admitted – and do not be afraid.
You are afraid to cross the line, restrain yourself.
It is not necessary.
Yes, it hurts me, really hurts.
But it passes, and with the new transformation, everything disappears.
Even scratches do not remain.
– Well, I will not hold back.
But first we need to go to a sex shop to buy various interesting things, ”Madeleine smiled,“ and if I decide to burn your chest with a cigarette, how do you feel about that? ” “Nothing will come here,” said Irochka, “I will scream so much that the neighbors will hear.”
We need to find some kind of secluded place away from human eyes and ears.
– And do you agree to any torture? – Madeleine was surprised – Up to certain limits, of course, you do not want to make me a psychopath? – Of course not! – Madeleine was scared, – perhaps we’ll dwell on what we have.
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Completely autonomous.
While serving at the General Staff, went to her in dismissal.
Every Friday.
For two days.
It did not require any flowers or chocolate or champagne.
So brains never composted.
My size played a crucial role.
To glue the chicks over the taverns and stations full of idiocy.
When a daily deployment of cobblestone hangs over you into a war zone, it’s not like to risk even a single member.
Although I’m not a citizen of a whore.
Reasonably well informed.
It would be ridiculous like this to get drunk and pierce like that.
My personal motto: either drink or fuck.
And until now, between us girls, everything turns out type-top.
Strained only her panic before anal-oral sex.
In those of our first and last couple of times, when I managed to persuade, she literally went snot.
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