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With a smile, Sasha said and pointing at his brother with a finger, said: “He did well to you the day before yesterday, he said that you flowed like a bitch during heat.”
– How are you now? With a sharp movement he sticks his hand under the hem of the dress and slides it along the crotch, slightly pressing with his fingers.
I was bouncing back from him, taking his hand away and putting my back into Romka, who had already risen from the floor and covered his farm with his hand, stood behind me.

– Yes, you are ready, you look at me with the whole hand in your juice.
He stretched out his hand to my face, but when he saw my unwillingness to look at it and comment at least somehow, he brought it up to his face and took a deep breath with his nose, closing his eyes and the same deep breath.
– Oh, and you smell delicious, I tell you! From his words, I was acutely short of air, my heart sank somewhere in my heels, I stood rooted to the spot, afraid of anything to say or make a maneuver.
I felt fear, but it was exactly the fear of what they can do with me now, because I really came by myself, I am at their home.
– That you break down like a girl, relax, get a buzz and please us with your little brother.
And it will be painful, see what our machines.
He took his penis in his hand and took a step in my direction, but I was no longer where to retreat, Romkin’s sexual organ rested on my ass through a

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– Perverts leave me alone, you are disgusting to me, no wonder you have no wives.
I shouted in the hope of precipitating their ardor; well, judging by the action that was taking place, I was sure that they would take me by force in any case.
– Why do we need wives when there are other whores like you?

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Replied with irony Sashka, approaching me and nadrachivaya his penis.
There was nothing left to do but try to escape through Sasha, and I took the first step in this direction, but then I felt Romkin’s hands grab my hips, lifting and pulling myself, from which I began to fall with my body towards Sashka, catching the support, so as not to fall.
Sasha caught me by the arms, and began to hold them by the wrists, and his protruding member buried my lips.
I tried to shout, but in the meantime Romka, holding me up on the weight, was directing his gun into my already pretty wet pussy.
Thongs dressed on me were not an obstacle for him, he easily slipped his cock into me to its full length, from which I groaned, having experienced a rushing spasm of intimate muscles.
As a result, she opened her mouth a little to let out a cry for help, but then a swollen head of Sasha’s dick burst into my mouth and could only squeeze a lowing moan like myself.
That, apparently, they greatly excited, and they began to actively move my hips, swaying me like a boat.
I tried to squeeze the gluteal and intimate muscles to resist, but only felt how the rushing orgasm was changing painful sensations, I turned my head aside to free my mouth, to which Sashka stopped holding my hands, and I instinctively leaned them on his knees, he grabbed my head with his hands and again directed his gun into my mouth, trying to drive him deeper and deeper, from which I almost vomited.
– I told you, it will only hurt if you resist.
Relax bitch until you broke.
He stronger grabbed my hair and continued to literally hammer into my mouth, my penis, which could not fit farther than the head, tucking into the larynx, which caused unpleasant sensations.
At the same time, I felt that Romkin was trying to enter my ass with bold movements, it was very painful, I started to shake my ass and head in order to give a sign of intolerance to such barbaric violence.
– Well, you wake obedient bitch? Or continue? Sashka asked and pulled a member out of my mouth, and Romka took the member aside awaiting my answer.
I didn’t know what to do, if I resist, they will simply tear me apart with their healthy members, if I obey I will get something new, in my heart I have always fantasized about double penetration but only with my husband, and here a new horizon has opened.
Closing my eyes, I presented to a friend a picture that I was not being raped by these two degenerates, and I was having sex with his first love, his name was Dima, who once opened my door to an intimate life and with his beloved husband. Japan sex tv live.

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