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Katya is already without any pity, and even angry, deftly stuck the tip into her brother’s ass.
Seryozha twitched, naively hoping to slip from the enema, but his mother quickly opened the water and, taking the tip from her daughter, shoved him into her son to the end.
Kate raised her mug over her head, and Serezha felt a strong stream of water in his stomach.

“Breathe deeply with your mouth, and then you will get rid again,” ordered her sister, who had come to taste.
Serezha hung his arms and legs from her mother’s knees and waved her limbs helplessly while her mother methodically moved the tip in his rectum.
– Be patient, be patient, – mom cheered.
“Breathe, breathe,” the sister instructed.
– Oh, it hurts! shouted Seryozha.
This time, the mother quickly turned off the water and, pulling out the tip, squeezed her son’s buttocks.
Serezha gasped for breath, and tears flowed down his cheeks.
“We need to lay him on his side,” Katya advised.
“You know better,” Mom smiled, hinting at the traditional katino position under the enema.
She put her son on his feet and stood up herself, giving way to Serezha.
The boy, not holding his stomach, not that, covering his protruding segment, slowly sat down on the sofa and pushed his mum on his side to get the booty to the homegrown healers.
“Bend legs,” Katya asked, aiming the tip between her brother’s buttocks.
Seryozha marked leg flexion, and Katya made an attempt to stick a tip into it.
Judging by the cry of her brother, she missed.
“You can’t see anything,” she seemed to apologize. Latina naked models.

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