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Live bangla sex chat. And how did you charm him? – Nothing.
He is a real man, and real women like that.
– smiled wife.
– His Carolina is finally pregnant.

Heard? – Heard.
The whole garrison knew about this in Smolyaninovo.
– amazing.
They lived for ten years, but there were no children.
It was said that she got pregnant immediately after a trip to Tiger Pad. Is it from you? – playfully wagged backside wife.
– Not.
Caroline and I were only friends.
Maybe it was the political officer tried? He was there courting her all the time.
– So he is old.
He is over fifty.
– Oh you! Saint Ludmila.
Vaughn Charlie Chaplin and sixty kids riveted.
– Fedor laughed.
– So the same Chaplin.
By the way, are you going to reward me with a child? – Lyudmila stared at her husband.
– I need a son.
And give birth to him exactly the third of October.

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Give the word.
“What is this date?” “On this day, by order of the Minister of Defense, your husband was promoted to lieutenant and became a naval officer, only I hang around on the shore.
– Okay.
You will have a son – heir.
– Lyudmila approached, bent down and kissed her husband tightly.
On occasion, she cheated on him, but this did not prevent her from loving him, respecting him and being a woman, feeling sorry for the endless hassle Fyodor felt all these months of becoming a new part.
She remembered that night when Fyodor arrived from Tigrovaya Padi and treated her to tea with luring.
And then they fucked almost until the morning.
Fyodor for the first time so cruelly raped his wife, as if he had revenged the entire female race for their unfaithfulness.
How did she know that on the night when Fyodor overheard all the rustling in the kunge of the car, sitting in the cab with the headphones on, when the political officer and Caroline frolicked so much that the car seemed to burst the springs, as a result of which she got pregnant, not from him, a young guy who idolized her, but from this old kavtoranga.

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He was sorry for Caroline, and at the same time he hated her for having been involved with this officer.
And what’s interesting.
The next morning, the political officer, as if apologizing to him, gave him a bag of lure, saying that he would no longer need it.
So he experienced this remedy, when, returning home, he fought Lyudmila, like a wild cat, until the morning, taking out his puncture with Caroline on it.
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