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Fat monster entered to the base and exited.
Eggs beat on the clitoris! I finished with great pleasure in her hole! When pulled out dick, she literally hung on a typewriter.
Turning a towel went into the kitchen.

Pashka and Natashka were sitting there and talking about something.
We drank a little.
Natasha said: “I went to the hall, I will prepare myself for you boys, and you still have a drink and come.”
She retired, we drank and I asked: – Did you fuck your wife or how did she say that you didn’t get up? -Not.
Did not get up.
Bitch! Chemical factory fucking! Warned me not to go there, but I asshole wage fell.
Here it is the result between the legs hanging.
Sometimes it rises, but more often it does not.
Let’s have a drink, you can still blow Natasha, and I can even get in the loop.
(A drunk husband enjoys watching his wife fucking another! Look at the video! – ca.
) Out of sympathy, I lacquered in such a way that, with a difficult one, I tore my ass off a chair and dragged myself into the hall towards Natasha.
Paul led to.
When they came in they saw a picture that was not forgotten.
Our girls were in position 69 and licked at each other.
-Super! Pashka, give someone in their mouths, let them raise! I said and began to paw both girls for all the places.
Pashka chose Natasha because she was from the top and began to poke her half-dead in his mouth.
Natasha tried her best, because from the back I got attached and pulled her pussy in full! Sveta caressed my eggs, which dangled before her eyes.
And then a small miracle happened! Pasha got up! And he literally began to fuck Natasha in the mouth.
Natasha, strung together for two members, huddled in orgasm.
I finished her pussy, took out the dick and sperm began to pour into Svetka’s mouth.

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Pasha finished in Natasha’s mouth and asked me not to leave, but to fuck his wife with him.
I was wildly tired, but remained out of solidarity.
Already disconnecting felt someone’s lips on his penis.
Having opened his eyes, he saw Pasha holding Svetka’s hair and she was sucking me.
Glanced his gaze-at Pasha.
Natasha, who received her portion of sperm, curled up and slept.
We put Svetka with cancer and tore off like a bitch in two holes at once, I was in my mouth, and my husband was in pussy.
Having finished Pasha, he said: “Come on, let’s not stop. She lacks this.”
And retired.
I drove a little more, asked: “Do you want me to stick your ass?” I answered her answer “I don’t know” as consent.
Spat on the hole grows a bit, weighed a couple of slaps in roundness and pushing the dick into the tight ring of the anus continued to fuck this bitch.
The body was wet and hot, the holes rassrahanny and huge.
When I finished, I pulled the dick out of the hole and shot it tight on her back and even some of the sperm got on her hair! Rubbing sperm and sweat on the back said: -Dry a dick and go to your husband go to bed! She did everything as I said and left, and I was cut off.
In the morning I woke up in the apartment no one.
On the table is breakfast and a note written in three handwriting with words of gratitude from all three.
The second fantast Tamara’s husband came to the fore stage.
She herself, disheveled, with a crumpled skirt, sat idly on a long couch next to a

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man who came without a pair.
His name was Pasha, and he reminded about this raspled off Tamara.
He put a hand on her breast on her chest, to which Tamara did not even move, meekly giving it to her hands her pliable body.
He rudely caressed her, while Ivan pulled the second fant.
– Second fant must.
What should we do the second fant? Oh my God: – Ivan already whistled from surprise.
– Who wrote this? None other than yours, Sasha, wife: Olesya giggled and continued the occupation, which was absorbed almost more than by fantami – running her hand into the pants of her neighbor, it was the writer Arnold, she made there unequivocal passes, while the poetess Vasilisa devoured the eyes of the youngest guest named Alex.
– The second fant: – Ivan held his breath, – is engaged.
oral sex with Sasha! Roughly speaking, Boris gives Sasha a blow job, and Sasha gives a blow job to Boris! “Fuck,” said Sasha, “is he going to suck me? – Not only is he to you, but you are to him.
-I told him ??? – These are the rules. Live sex chart.

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