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he barked, pulling a hand out of his pants.
The head instantly stuck through the door: – What are you trying to do, sir? – Prokhora call me! Quickly! The head has disappeared.
Very soon Prokhor stood in front of his uncle’s table.

and listened to instructions.
and then you go to see Mr Ivanov, take the bag from him for me.
And you can come back.
Well, is it not difficult for you to give your uncle such a service? I did not want to go anywhere to Prokhor.
He knew the city badly, but even his meager ideas were enough to understand that he would have to go to the other end and would go for it no less than half a day, but it was inconvenient to refuse his uncle.
He nodded in agreement.
Half an hour later, Nikolai Fyodorovich stood by the window, watching Prokhor leave the house and drove off in a cab.
– Kuzma! – What are you pleased? – Call me Katerina Dmitrievna.
Nikolai Fyodorovich carnately grinned at the door that had closed.
Katerina timidly knocked on the door of the uncle’s office.
– Come in! – came from there.
Contrary to custom, he met her not sitting at the table as usual, but near the door.
– Hello, Katya! – He smiled broadly, and grabbed her by the elbow to the far wall, where a wide leather sofa and two deep armchairs stood by the fireplace.
“I am sorry to have disturbed you, but I have a business to you.”
Katerina noted to herself the shifty eyes of her uncle and his rapid breathing, but at first she did not attach any importance to this.
However, after taking a few steps, I felt his hand lay on the waist and immediately crawled below.
She rushed to the side, but Nikolai Fyodorovich pulled her to him, clutching her chest.
Now both hands lay on her buttocks, eagerly feeling them.
Everything happened silently.
Uncle, snorting, began to lift her skirt.
Katerina, gathering strength, again attempted to break out of his arms.
– Do not twitch, Katyusha, we are fast.

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– in a strangled voice, he whispered to her – You are now not the first time.
He left her skirt alone, unbuttoned his pants and put a hard, hot dick into his hand.
Hoping that maybe he would limit himself to this, she grabbed a swollen organ with two fingers and ran it several times.
Uncle growled and again pulled the skirt up, this time in front.
Raising her to the waist, he instantly climbed between her legs and immediately hissed irritably: – Fool! Who taught you to walk in pantaloons at home !? Or are you going somewhere? To pull them off he did not immediately succeed.
Nikolai Fedorovich decided to postpone it for later.
Pushing Catherine onto the sofa, he squeezed her head with both hands and rested his cock against his lips, painfully pressing them against his teeth.
– Open your mouth! – He ordered, pushing.
Lips slightly parted, a member squeezed into his mouth, stretching it.
– Teeth clean! – winced

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Nikolai Fedorovich.
Katerina obediently tried to open her mouth even harder.
– Yes, not so! Squeeze his lips, his lips! And suck! She tried in good faith and did so, and soon she was quite satisfactorily controlled with a dick in her mouth.
My uncle sometimes froze and moaned, stroking her on the head while she was sucking the head with champing.
Then, however, this did not become enough for him, and he, putting his hand on the back of his head, pulled her head towards himself, reaching his head to the very throat.
His other hand hurt her chest the whole time, twisting her nipple.
Katerina, who resigned to a member in her mouth, nevertheless awaited a climax with caution, completely unaware of what to do when sperm was poured into her mouth.
However, fortunately, or vice versa, this did not happen.
Nikolai Fyodorovich suddenly lifted her to her feet and crouched in front of her, climbed under her skirt with her head.
Fumbling there, he pulled off her trousers and an unnecessary rag flew into the corner.
The uncle, instead of getting out from under the skirts, stayed there and with a slight nudge made her spread her legs as wide as possible.
Wondering what this might mean, Katerina felt how her uncle’s tongue slid between her legs along her entire crevice.
Turning near the cherished hole, he rose a little higher and began to persistently pull at a pea protruding there.
At the same time, the fingers were screwed into the vagina, stretching the hole.
At first it made her tense up, but soon a pleasant burden filled her lower abdomen.
Hips arbitrarily leaned forward, clinging to his uncle’s lips.
Her legs buckled and Katerina fell heavily on the sofa, scattering her legs apart.
Nikolai Fedorovich climbed up from above and slowly pushed the penis, carefully watching the expression on her face. Live sex chat lines.

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