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The transformed Polumna did away with Neville in no time, to start by knocking it down on the floor, and then hanging it upside down

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on the ceiling.
All participants of the lesson in high spirits dispersed.
Harry had to go back for the cloak, which remained in the locker room.

Once in the rescue Room, he saw the door to the locker room wide open, in the opening of which Neville pressed Laugh to the wall.
Having no small dimensions, Neville literally had a girl in her arms, with less and less clothes left with each second.
With her huge hands, Neville naively pawed Polumna, gradually and confidently making her way to her vagina.
When the arms reached the cherished place, the space between Polumna’s legs was completely covered with Nevel’s paws.
With the other hand, he frantically freed his fellow.
When Harry saw what had fallen out of Neville’s pants, he thought he saw Hagrid in front of him.
The fact is that Hagrid, a forester and teacher at Hogwarts, had one problem.
He could not find a woman, so to speak in size.
Hagrid was half a giant, and the size was appropriate.
When Garrri and Ron somehow accidentally saw Hagrid naked, bathing in the lake, they did not sleep for two nights, nightmares in a dream fell one after another.

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It is not surprising that when Madame Maxim arrived in the tournament, having giants in her pedigree, Hagrid glowed like a Christmas tree.
It was rumored that after their stormy nights in the forester’s hut the furniture changed several times.
So, when Neville dumped his dick, Harry seemed to be like Hagrid’s younger brother, or he could be half-giant too.
Harry then carefully wiped his eyes several times, but now he will kill Polumna with this thing.
Much to his surprise, Polumna was not embarrassed by the size of the upcoming problem; on the contrary, she smiled affably and climbed higher in Neville’s arms.
Harry, with a sinking heart, watched the head of the penis no larger than the cap of a large white fungus penetrate between Polusna’s divorced legs.
And the girl did not even blink an eye, only shifted and rolled her eyes.
Harry decided not to observe how it all ended, and it was clear that these two found themselves.
Over the past months, all members of the circle have seriously grown stronger and have become very skilled in defensive and attacking spells.
The time for the exams was approaching.
How is it that Harry stopped thinking about other girls, he did not notice.
It all happened as if by itself.
And the desire did not arise, all his wishes were predicted by a girl named Gini.
She became more beautiful during the school year.
Harry noted that Jeanie’s chest rang out.
For whatever reason, whether witchcraft, or from regular sex, but milk-white, full, with very large nipples, Jeanie’s breast was very pleasing to him, giving rise to new experiments and opportunities for sex. Live sex fetish.

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