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Outwardly, he is as usual, smart and elegant.
In the doorway, Svetlana noticed a stranger sitting in a leather chair on the other side of the table.
Her appearance was calm.

Why are you still here? It seems to me that you left, – without anger, Edward said in a soft voice calmly.
– You are free! “I did not have time to prepare a report,” Svetlana muttered, blushing.

– This is not a hurry, go home.
– But I would.
-What is the matter with you, Sveta? Wait a minute.
I will only let the visitor go, – Edward entered the office without closing the door behind him, and a minute later the stranger, politely saying goodbye, left the reception desk.
“Well, tell me,” he turned to Svetlana, when he was alone.
– Anything with your husband? – he perfectly understood the reason for her mood.
Long time ago he noticed changes in Svetlana.
She became annoying, embarrassed at his appearance.
Svetlana was sitting at the table, afraid to look at Edward in the eyes, she was shaking all over.
He approached, sat on the edge of the table and, lifting his head behind his chin, looked into her eyes.

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There was no fear in them, only desire.
He won.
This separation cost him a lot of strength, but he wanted Svetlana to go to him herself.
So, having sex with my husband is a problem.
He counted on it.
Edward got up, closed the door of the reception room and walked right up to Svetlana.
She rose to meet him and, with difficulty restraining emotions, clung to him.
-How I missed, – her lips instantly pressed to his lips, her head was spinning, warmth spreading through her body.
-Who is this girl? – for a second she broke the kiss.
Edward gently pushed her aside and looked into her eyes.
“Yes, I see you are jealous,” he said with light irony, and laughed.
– She is still quite a child.
-Is she really good?
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