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And we will fuck him until the money does not work.
And how we want, and where we want.
– And a lot of money? – Lot.

She is still a week from the end does not slazit.
– I do not care.
I am taking him.
Come on, Wan.
– No, Ol, I’m sorry.
I will not go.
Today I have not yet worked.
It was a pity to look at the guy.
– Hey, eagles! If I give you one by one, let the guy go? ”They looked at each other.
– Let go.
For today.
– they whinnied.
– For the whole week.
– Not.
For today and tomorrow may be.
Well you understand us without chicks bad.
– Jerk off.
– Get up cancer, we’re on you jerk off.
– they laughed again.
– Do not, Ol.
I myself, that is myself.
– tears rolled from his eyes.
– So.
All right, guys.
Today you have me, and Vanka is left alone for two more days, have you agreed? “Good! I was lying on the couch, with my legs on Kolya’s shoulders.”
His dick entered me powerfully.
Eggs beat about the ass.
– Oooooh.
– moaned guy.
The second, whose name was Dima, was sitting naked in a chair, poddrachival and waited his turn.
Vanya hid in a corner and watched his friends have me in all holes.
– Get up cancer – Kohl ordered, and took out a member of my already rather broken-apart gap.
I got up from the couch, smeared a little hole with grease and stood in a working position.

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Dima immediately went to the front.
I took in my mouth and started to suck.
Immediately entered the other member of the ass.
I ended up impaled on two bolts.
Dimin’s cock, I no longer sucked, he just fucked me in the mouth.
The guys moaned and lazily exchanged words.
Then they changed.
Colin’s cock smelled of grease.
I began to lick him, but Kolya, taking me by the head, also began to fuck in the mouth.
The first finished Dima.
Warm liquid spread over the hole.
A couple of movements and Dima fell off.
– Why are you in her ass finished? – Kohl asked angrily.
Dima nodded.
– Your mother, do you think it is pleasant to slide along your sperm ?! “Do you think she came from a priest?” When probably inserted into it a couple of liters of semen already.
So you do not disdain someone else, but mine? Svetka, bring a beer still! Dima lounged on a sofa and sipped beer.
– Fuck you! – growled Kohl.
– Eh, bitch, turn my booty to me.
I turned.
A thin trickle of sperm flowed from the hole.
Kohl spread his buttocks and looked at her.
– Yes, don’t care! And the member abruptly entered me.
In the hole it was already nicely squished.
A member of the powerful, with the sound of champing, went back and forth.
Kohl squeezed my ass and with a groan drove his body to the full depth.
Another jet filled my gap.
Kohl took out, picked up my panties and wiped a member of them.
– Come here, slut! He shouted to Vanya.
Vanya came up.
Kohl shoved his panties with the sperm in his mouth.
– That you should be such a chick, understand? Vanya nodded.
The guys got dressed quickly.
I, having thrown a dressing gown, stood at a window and smoked.
– Come on, Ol! Thanks for the sex! – With Vanya as agreed? – Of course! After such a fucking these two days I will not get up.
– Nick laughed.

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They left.
Vanya and stood with my panties in his mouth.
– Yes, you take out this crap! Won throw in a heap. Live sex kamere.

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