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Then she looked.
and smiled at me: – This is the first Russian member, which I see.
– How do you like it? – – I could not resist the question.

– I like it, – – she caressed him again with her hand, I shivered with pleasure and my cock stiffened even more.
– – Nice.
Her fingers drew a line on the inside of my thigh, between the testicles and up almost to the very head of the penis.
Nicole cupped his palm and pulled the skin down, exposing the swollen head.
My head is clouded with excitement.
“And you are the first French girl I touch,” I said.
I picked up her legs under the knees and lowered the girl back on the table.
The skirt had fought off and my eyes were presented with delicate white panties, tight-fitting her hips.
I pulled off Nicole’s skirt first, enjoying the way the graceful white legs flashed before my eyes, helping me to take off her clothes, and then slowly, with pleasure pulled down my panties.
Under the panties was neat vertical strip of delicate hair, ending at the beginning of intimate sponges.
I devoured the eyes of the striped and everything that was further behind her, continuing to tighten her panties.

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As soon as her legs were released, I threw them on my shoulders and gently stroked the girl’s knees and thighs.
He knelt down to the edge of the table, approached her wonderful intimate flower and kissed the girl right in the open petals between her legs.
Nicole’s intimate lips were full of moisture and incredibly soft to the touch.
I could not resist and kissed them a few more times, played with the tip of the tongue with the clitoris, ran my tongue between the petals.
The girl let out a barely audible moan.
I got up, pushed it a little closer to the edge of the table and slowly entered it.
Gentle slippery sponges parted, swallowed my burning

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head with excitement, and then the shaft of the penis.
I felt my flesh spreading the delicate tissues of her body, as if the hot piston were moving inside the enveloping cool waves.
Indescribable, full of pleasure feeling.
The girl closed her eyes and smoothly sat down on my dick.
I took Nicole stronger by the hips and began to move more vigorously.
She lay naked in front of me, closing her eyes and biting her lips, tender girlish breasts fluttered up and down, her tummy trembled, and her long graceful legs involuntarily pressed me tighter.
I caressed her thighs and breasts, stroked her knees and kissed her toes, continuing to energetically immerse my cock in her tender womb.
It seemed to me that I was floating on the waves of her body, that she was all pleasure herself.
I completely lost track of time and enjoyed every movement, every touch of her skin, when Nicole suddenly began to moan louder, stretched her arms down and grabbed my hips as hard as I could, trying to squeeze my hips even stronger. Live sex show xnxx.

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