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As if nothing existed for him except the crack of his girlfriend.
He stared down, lustfully watching his cock enter and exit from the wet hole.
Nastya finally started up.

She remembered that she herself once dared to fool around in this way.
True, it was far beyond the city limits, near a warm lake, in the light of a small fire.
And then there was not a soul around.
Anastasia could not help but admire the courage of this couple.
How much was the watch? Half past twelve? An hour from strength.
It’s not too late to be sure that no one will pass by.
On the contrary, the couple settled directly under the bright lamp.
Nastya’s hand was between her legs and her finger quickly found its way inside the blazing womb.
Lubrication poured out, in a matter of minutes completely flood the palm.
And Nastya continued to watch without stopping.
She was interested in how it would end.
And even the prospect of being caught was not afraid of her.
Anastasia had already stood for ten minutes and looked after her lovers, when the boy came out of the girl and, having driven her from the bench, sat down on her, facing Nastya.
The girl stood still, afraid to move.
But the guy looked only at her chick, who slowly slipped off the bench, stood up, ran her hand between her legs, ran a few fingers inside and, facing her lover, quickly began to masturbate right in front of him.
Nastya was already stunned by this.
Masturbating for someone, and even so brazen way? It was something she had never tried.

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But now it seemed to her wildly sexy.
The girl started her fucking, quickly bringing herself to orgasm.
Anastasia heard several moans at first, and then saw several drops of grease fly out of the vagina and landed on a bench between the legs of the guy.
At the moment he grabbed the girl and planted her on his cock sticking with a stake, which is why Nastya heard another lingering moan.
For half a minute the guy fucked the girl, completely oblivious to the fact that she was somewhere in his dreams.
But then the girl came out a little bit and, settling down comfortably, began to quickly jump on his penis.
Nastya looked at all this with her eyes wide open.
Her hand was smeared with its own juices and the girl felt this moisture well every time she moved.
The hops in her head intensified all her senses.
She spied on

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a fucking couple with the curiosity of a young schoolgirl, the first time she saw pornographic pictures.
I watched, jerked off and did not even try to imagine myself in the place of the heroine of my imagination, I had enough emotions without it.
The girl, jumping on the penis, increasingly began to moan in a voice, and, having a little tricky, put her hair in one bun, grabbing it from the side of the head and pulling it to the side, opening Nastya’s wonderful neck.
Anastasia had long considered herself bisexual, although she had little experience with girls.
She just liked the female beauty and Nastya now and then caught herself thinking that she was excited at the sight.
beautiful girls no less than the sight of beautiful guys.
And now she knew that this girl gets her no less than the guy.
Beautifully built, slightly plump, barely one hundred and sixty centimeters tall, with a big chest that Nastya could not see properly, with long slender legs, which one wanted to cuddle.
Looking at her, Nastya realized that she was already close to orgasm.
The girl, who was sitting down on the penis, frantically instigated the observer with her body and her moans.
The girl once again groaned and, clutching at the edge of the bench, lay back, opening her chest and lovely tummy to Anastasia’s eyes. Live time sex.

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