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Finally, he partially achieved the result and tried to fall asleep, but still the cold made itself felt.
He was lying for so long, erotic thoughts gave him extra warmth, from which a member stood with a bayonet and Kostya sometimes nadrachival him.
He almost fell asleep, but sleepy obsession banished Masha’s voice: Bone, I’m cold.

can i lie down next to you Kostya thought about the answer options and said, in his opinion, the best one: I’m cold too.
Of course, lie down.
He heard the girl’s movements.
Sometimes he prompted her to direct her voice.
Finally, a leg lightly hit her in the boy’s chest.
Kostya barely resist not to stroke her.
Masha sat down and, having felt the guy’s shoulder with her hand, began to settle herself with her back to his chest. Make money having sex on webcam.

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