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A pleasant evening continued, they slowly danced to the sounds of enchanting music.
Sasha lightly touched her smoothly shaved cheek with her hair and the subtle fragrance that emanated from her strongly excited him.
Tamara felt his excitement and she liked it.

Gradually, visitors dispersed, and soon the hall was empty.
Sasha invited Tamara to her hotel room, and since no one was waiting for her at home, she was in no hurry to return to an empty apartment.
They walked silently along the long corridor of the hotel.
Entering the room, Sasha lit candles, turned on the soft music, and, putting glasses of dark red wine on the coffee table, sat on the sofa next to Tamara.
They talked, slowly sipping wine from their glasses.
Then, glancing at his watch, Alexander got up and left the room.
Tamara heard the sound of the door opening, and it even seemed to her that someone had entered this hotel room.
“It must have seemed!” – Thought Tamara.
A few minutes later Sasha was again next to Tamara and they continued to talk quietly, sitting on the couch.
During the conversation, Sasha put his hand into Tamara’s hand and gently stroked her.
Tamara felt a surge of warmth and tenderness.
She really liked these gentle touches.
After some time, Alexander embraced Tamara by the waist, pressed her close and touched his lips to hers.
Tamara’s heart pounded hard in her chest, and her head slightly dizzy.
Hugging each other, they long kissed tenderly and passionately.
Sasha tried with her tongue to push the doors of her red lips and pierce inside, with admiration Tamara let him in between her whites, like pearls, her teeth.
It seemed that time had stopped, they both had lost the sensation of both space and time.
Slowly, Sasha’s hand slipped under her skirt and his fingers swirled around the convex elastic buttocks, moving along her thigh to the cherished place between the legs, dying for a while near the warm, pulsating place.

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Gentle Sasha’s hands caressed her breasts, stomach, her nipples trembled and hardened from unexpected touches.
Tamara almost fainted from the mad, sweet languor, from her mouth came a soft, faint moan.
She stroked his huge, dick, right through the pants, feeling his excitement and hearing his deep agitated breathing.
A sweet shiver spread over their bodies.
They slowly began to take the clothes off of each other.
Sasha touched the tip of his tongue to her nipple, teasing Tamara, who was already very excited by his caresses.
With one hand she stroked his cock along the entire length, gently caressing and squeezing his balls, with the other.
Then Tamara slowly knelt on the floor and leaned forward to lay her head on the edge of the sofa.
Her legs were spread wide, giving the best access to the excited sexual lips.
Sasha hands caressed her body between her legs, teasing her, running her fingers past the wet hole, sometimes dying for a few

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Tamara moaned softly, exhausted from the desire to feel his fingers inside her, and he seemed to read her thoughts, slowly dipped his middle finger into her vagina, gently caressing the walls, trying to go as far as possible, introduced into the vagina and index finger.
Sasha moved his cock over her wet lips, sliding past the vaginal entrance, again teasing her, he stroked her breasts hanging down, and sometimes gently squeezed her elastic swollen nipples.
The entrance to her vagina so moved apart in impatience to take his long-awaited member, that during the next movement of Sasha, his penis gently went inside her vagina and froze inside.
Both of them felt the approach of a dizzying orgasm.
Both, exhausted, they collapsed in bliss.
Half an hour later, they took a shower together, and when they returned to the room, they saw that Sasha’s friend was sitting at a coffee table.
From the men, Tamara learned that everything that had just happened, all their lovemaking with Sasha, everything, was captured on the video camera to the smallest details.
Only now Tamara understood why Sasha was leaving the room, and that she really didn’t think that someone had entered the room when she heard the sound of a door opening.
It turned out that friends agreed to shoot more in a cafe when they parted.
The men asked for forgiveness for having done this without prior Tamarina’s consent, since both were afraid that she would not agree to this.
Now the men asked permission to leave this film for viewing in the future, so that at least some memory of their crazy night would remain.
Tamara and Sasha understood that it is unlikely that even when fate will give them a gift and they will meet again. Masturbation girls hidden camera.

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