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I do not know directly what to do.
And then my eyes fell on a medium-sized beautiful plastic watering can, which was located near the porch, between the flowerbeds.
“Well, give me her here,” I asked my son.

-Water? -Yes.
Apparently, he did not understand right away what I was going to do with the watering can, my little son handed me a pleasant to the touch orange vessel.
But then he realized: “Oh, dad, why are you?” From it to wash something? Well come here.
– I ordered instead of answering.
Stasonchik complied.
– Become on the table.
I put Stas on the table on all fours, ordered him to bulge harder on his ass, and slightly spread his legs.
Then he filled the watering can with water, looked, but did she have a sharp nose, and hung this improvised enema using a rope to the rafter, just above her son’s ass.
I decided now that the anus of my offspring was not easy to lubricate – after collecting oil in the syringe, I carefully processed my favorite hole from the inside and outside, and then I missed the anus with my finger for fidelity. Mature webcam sex videos.

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