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I met her and talk.
-There must come the members of our “troupe, erotic performance” You, please, send to the seventh coupe, the password to enter – Where are the “rustling”? – The answer is “In Sochi for three nights.”
And then I ask.

-Do you like erotic performances? Natalya was embarrassed, blushed, and so timidly replied: – In our time, in my opinion, everyone loves them.
-Then after the change, come to us, watch our show, and if you wish, you can even take part.
– But I honestly confess that I have never participated in such events! Says Natasha.
– And anyway, come, you will like it.
I go into the compartment with a large bouquet of scarlet roses, and Oh! ABOUT! ABOUT! , Irina, Tatyana and Olenka are already sitting at the table.
On the table, almost an empty bottle of brandy.
This suggests that they have already met.
How much joy we had !!!.
The three of them surrounded me, Irina wrapped her arms around my neck, and her sweet lips found my mouth.
Our kiss was long and sweet, and in the meantime Tatyana hugged me, put me down and started sucking the earlobe, and Olenka with her side hugged the three of us, and her red lips with her side touched our lips.
We slightly turned our heads to meet her, and then Olya with her tongue as

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a “fury” flew into our mouths.
What started there! The triangle of our lips and tongues did something unbelievable.
Tatiana opened her eyes, and, seeing such an “oral orgy,” immediately crashed into our triangle.
We formed a circle with our lips, and our tongues were given free rein.
And then they began to get acquainted with each other.

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None of us has received such a buzz.
They poked, crawled, intertwined, licked, in general, everything that could be “done”, they did.
Here the door opens abruptly, and three more of ours tumble in, and at once a heap is small.
I first came to my senses.
– Stop, I say, let’s do everything in order, otherwise we will have a solid mess, and we, no matter how, organized a cultural event.
We sat down and continued our acquaintance.
It turns out that Angela, Oksana and Svetlana still joined us.
– Our further actions are, I say.
– Now we occupy seats, according to the purchased tickets.
Then we arrange our life, and in half an hour in our compartment, a large collection.
The girls went to the next compartment, and we quickly set the table.
And then came the most interesting moment.
– Dressing up.
! – It was our first test, completely undress.
Honestly, it was not as easy as it seems, because we knew each other before, only by correspondence, and I saw each other only now.
And then came a moment of silence.
Each tried to pull the time that someone started first.
I say.
– Tatiana! you are with us, the smartest, show a striptease show, and we will support you.
– A was, was not, says Tatyana.
Let’s pour it all for courage and go! I quickly poured.
The girls revived again, they heard toasts, for an acquaintance, for a meeting, for love.
, we drank, and again merged into one big kiss.
In the course went not only lips and tongues, but also hands.
And then the girls began to undress quickly.
Tatiana clung to Olya’s chest, and immediately her sweet papilla found herself in her collar.
– Tanya! I’ll die now! Olga moaned softly.
! And Tatiana draws it deep into her mouth, but her nipple is wet and slippery, and she strives to escape from her mouth, but she does not let it out! She teeth it captures at the base, and a little bite, pulls it through a row of his teeth, while squeezing the second nipple.
She releases the nipple and how she likes to do.
slightly blowing on it.
– My sweet! How cool it is! – Lord! What are your huge and tender breasts, says Tatyana.
– And you can lick them, I think everyone will like it! For convenience, Olenka lies down on the sofa, and Tatyana takes a place between her legs, and the performance continues.
– Olga puts her legs to her shoulders, hands her breasts. Medical hidden cam shoots sex with a hot japanese.

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