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She gets used to Kare, who silently accompanies her everywhere, to Vernon, relentlessly the next shadow, to Wolf, who was assigned to her for safety, so that she would not be afraid to go visit Spikelet, who, although she constantly turns near the mare, but did not forget her and still with pleasure sucks fingers bringing delicacy.
Radovan is proud of her beauty, dresses up like a doll, puts on display.
She is embarrassed by accepting compliments from his military leaders, who accompany her with respectful looks.

But she cannot get rid of the feeling that behind her back they laugh at her, that they patiently and indifferently await her fall, like many others before her.
She is not in her place; everything around seems unreal, threatening to her.

When the camp is finally removed from the place to move back, the tent, which became its whole world, is replaced by a wagon – comfortable, rich, but from this even more reminiscent of a golden cage.
In it, she goes, with unseeing eyes looking at her once beautiful land.

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Now there are only scorched, dry plains, and rare surviving villages where Radovan leaves his posts.
Alessia tries not to look when the Vignette River begins to shine in the distance, flooding with cheerful rapids on the mountainside, flowing into the valley where she spent her childhood.
There is nothing there – only lonely trees survived after the fires, which lost their leaves.
In the place of her village – ashes.
Her country is destroyed, trampled into the mud, it will take many, many years until the earth begins to bear fruit again.
And she, like a princess, goes with the army of the conqueror, refusing to believe that it is he who is to blame.
Lying in his arms at night, unable to bear the pain that is tearing her soul, she asks why, why the war is so cruel, why does she not spare anyone?
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